Friday, 11 September 2015

Lost Sea Interview

Welcome to Gamer 2 Gamer for another interview, and this time we have the honour of talking to Aidan Price. He's the developer behind Lost Sea coming this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game looks really interesting and thought I would reach out for this interview.

So hoist the sails, pull up the anchor and sit back, because we're off to find out more about this interesting game coming from eastasiasoft.

G2G: So Aidan could you tell our fans a little bit about the company's background.

eastasiasoft was set up in 2007 and has published a number of games, most notably the Rainbow Moon and Soldner-X series. In 2013 we set up an internal development studio in Hong Kong to work on Lost Sea.

G2G: What goes into the thought process when coming up with a game title?.

First of all we sat down and discussed the type of game we wanted to make. Right away we knew that Lost Sea was going to be colourful game with an element of procedural generation. Since we're such a small team we also had alot of constraints that helped us determine the original direction. For example, we knew it couldn't be an MMO with a team of 4 people!
After we decided on the Bermuda Triangle theme it really helped us when looking into new features, ideas for monsters, skills and so on as there was a huge wealth of material to draw from.

G2G: So tell us a little bit about the story behind Lost Sea.

Lost Sea is set inside a B-movie inspired universe. During a flight over the Bermuda Triangle the players plane is damaged and they are washed up on a mysterious island. It's up to the player to navigate through the Bermuda Triangle towards a mysterious portal in the hopes of making it out alive.

G2G: How does the game play and what game would you relate it to?.

That's a tough one. I'd say it's reminiscent of older action adventure titles, for example fighting monsters, finding loot, upgrading player skills. We do get asked alot if Lost Sea is a survival game. While it's not a survival game like Don't Starve we do have a few elements from those type of games such as procedural generation and permadeath.

G2G: What made you bring your game to next generation consoles?.

We all have a background in console development. It's just something we're comfortable with and it's what we play. None of us in the studio really play mobile games so it was more a case of "what type of game would we want to play?".

G2G: Would we see furture DLC added over time?.

No plans yet. We've built Lost Sea in a very modular way so it would be easy to add more content, but right now we're just focusing on finishing the game. Once it's released if people want more content it's something we'll definitely look into!

G2G: How many people have you got working on the game?.

We have a core team of 4 people, but we also have a few freelancers helping us out with music and art.

G2G: What sort of process goes into getting your game onto a console?.

It really varies for each company. For us it was pretty straight forward since we already have a background in console development. The tricky part for us was actually Steam Greenlight, since nobody really knows how that works!

G2G: Is there alot of compition when making games, especially within the industry?.

Yeah, but that's always been the case and it's the same in every industry. I don't think anyone has figured out the formula to making a guaranteed success yet!

Thanks for taking the time to the questions and we hope the your company the best when launching Lost Sea.

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