Monday, 7 September 2015

Mad Max Vs MGS V, which is the better title?

Mad Max has been suffering from mediocre sales in the midst the release of the new juggernaut that is Metal Gear Solid V. It isn't a bad game though, not by a country mile. Neither Max or Snake have that much personality, what they lack in that though, they make up in total insanity and being a total Badass.

The game worlds are completly different, although both open to an certain extent. Mad Max lets you have the freedom to go in to the Big Nothing with any real consequence, other than getting lost at some point, whereas Metal Gear, restricts you to perameters in certain missions. This isn't a bad thing but gives less room to muck around. Not that you complain, you have enough to explore but not to the extent of Max's adventure.

Max 1 - 0 Snake

Game content is virtually the same. The spawling worlds are designed perfectly to suit your needs to the last detail. MGS' is a lot more bleak and but deploy for your mission at night and it becomes a whole new ball park of stealthyness. Extraction and having to have 10 people to develop a cardboard box is just the humour from Kojima to give the game a comical side. Lots of missions and side ops to complete can easy just go around Motherbase for hours attacking and extracting staff members for no reason what so ever.

Max has lots to do, he can go off on his own and destroy the influence of the Warlord in any hold he chooses, or (like Snake) complete side missions. You can also collect scrap and complete the story to build more insane cars, even build one that you created yourself.

You have to give it to Snake though, everything is better when you can descend an entire map in to anarchy and still walk out like you were never there.

Max 1 - 1 Snake

Graphics are a touch close to call, mainly because Max is creates for next gen, but Metal Gear is on both generations. MGS somehow isn't affected as badly as other titles when it comes to multi-gen, however, it even looks more sharp in both Gameplay and cutscenes.

Max looks a lot better in cutscenes and can occasionally look suspect in live gameplay.

Max 1 - 2 Snake

Actual gameplay is harder to call, both have fantasic features that the other couldn't compete with. Maxs Harpoon on the back of his car is amazingky smart as a weapon, pulling drivers out of cars and you can even harpoon people before they get close enough to jump on top of your car and attack you. It runs smoothly, you can't find any bugs in the system. Car combat being the most fun of the many combat systems in place in the game.

Snake is very fluid. Ofcourse, you know what to expect on the most part if you're a long time fan or played Ground Zeroes. Stealth is the most enjoyable way to play the game, bit obvious total obliteration isn't out down, but the game does frown upon it.

A dead heat in this one.

Max 1 - 2 Snake

Snake does seem to have it all, great graphics, anazing gameplay and lots and lots of content. WB have managed to create another world as great as Mordor alongside developers Avalanche. I can't help but feel that the game would have been better as an October release along with the movie Fury Road.

It is being completely overshadowed by Kojima and Metal Gear Solid. That isn't the fault of Avalanche, they've done the franchise justice, as many film tie ins fail to do.

Unfortunately Snake and D-Dog have won this battle, however.

Both are out now. Check out our reviews of both via the links below.

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