Saturday, 26 September 2015

Must Buy Games of 2015 So Far

2015 has been (almost) a golden year of games. The transition between ex-gen and current gen has been pretty successful, from highs of 2014 with titles like Dragon Age Inquisition and Shadow of Modor, among others being pretty hard to beat, many titles have managed just that in the 9months of the year.

We started off poorly, with push back after pushback, but along came February and blew us out the water.

So, which games should you get (assuming you've missed put on them) before Fallout 4 and other huge juggernauts hit the shelves?

1. Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (February)

Even if you haven't played a Witcher game before (the original having been PC exclusive), you need not worry. CD Projekt Red addressed the learning curve perfectly, by not having to guess what is coming up ahead and planning for eventualties which often didn't materialise, the game gives you a missions to complete before the monsters.

Ofcourse, you can meet random monsters along the road, but you can often tell what areas of the map you will end up encountering a Wraith compared to a Griffen.

Storyline is perfect (after the half way point) brief character switches through flashbacks gives an extra dimension. The game is pure class.

Rating Recieved: 10/10

2. Bloodborne (March)

A spiritual successor to Dark Souls, Bloodborne takes place in a completely different world. Monsters are actually harder, even on easier modes and all of what made Dark Souls great was brought to life in Bloodborne, but only better.

It had a storyline that rivaled anything the studio had done before, both going back to the studios roots and expanding on what they'd learnt.

Rating Recieved: 9.5/10

3. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain (September)

The game is beyond anything we could imagine. The usual Kojima antics and humour are there and the awesome steath based equipment are there.

Getting through missions can sometimes be a hard slog, but that is half the fun, unless you want to storm in and go on a killing spree. You won't get the same rewards though. Extracting enemies is the most comical part , together with THAT easter egg, it goes together well.

It's hard to ignore the both bizzare and incredible story, as you skulk your way around the middle east.

Rating Recieved 9/10

4. Madden 16 (September)

With changes to Connected Seasons and also the rise of Madden Ultimate Team (following in FIFA's footsteps), this is a title that any Madden fan will enjoy.

Making huge changes to the way matches have developed to make tactical decisions more incremental. Madden has really started to become that simulator that all NFL fans have wanted it to be for years.

Rating Recieved 8.75/10

5. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (August)

Yes, it is technically a remaster of a classic, but this is a work of art. Gameplay issues in singleplayer were ironed out from the original, maps are just as they were back in the day, before Gears 3 brought them back with more escape routes and set piece areas.

It almost fell flat on its face with the multiplayer, getting the Gnasher wrong, but since the latest patch the long range Gnasher headshots have (finally) disappeared and their unpredictability at short range has beem corrected as best to The Coalitions abilities.

Rating Recieved: 8/10

6. Elder Scrolls Online (June)

MMOs are pretty hard to get right on console, Neverwinter proved that it could be done (even on a F2P basis). Elder Scrolls got it right. The rather epic PvP battles are intense and infuriating at the same time, when other playera can't organise themselves as well as your enemies.

PvE has a story typical of an Elder Scrolls game, split over three factions caught in a war for the throne, you engage them all in a fight for Tamriel's survival against a would be God. Some brilliant voice acting from actors like John Cleese, this game became even better.

Rating Recieved: 8/10

7. SMITE (August)

An odd little Online Battle Arena, that puts you in charge of a God. Each God comes with a special set of skills and some require some real thought and patience in learning how to use them correctly.

The battles consist of different online battles from 4 v 4 battle arena to 3 v 3 conquest combat. You never get bored of this. You could easily play it for hours.

Rating Recieved: 5/5


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