Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Plague Inc, Evolved Review

It's oddly fun trying to wipe out your own species. Not a line you'd expect to find as an opener to a review, but that's what Plague Inc tasks you to do.

I said it was fun and it is as far as a game where you don't do anything but stare at a map of the world, clicking on countries to find out how many people you have killed or infected. A touch of brillianve is the fact every game is completely random. This means you can not predict what the game is going to throw at you, or indedd when an cure moght go in to production.

I have learnt that if Japan and Egypt (for some reason) start leading the charge, you may want to restart you game, or if you've been saving periodically, loading up your save file and hopefully neither of these countries will pop up. These two countries seem to develop cures so much quicker than any on the western world. However, if you want to survive as an incredible force of nature, you can do this in two ways. Being subtle, will be developing skills for your virus that ultimately protect it or twist its genomes to make it harder to trace your make up. This could also be in the form of resistances. You can also make it more aggressive, merging several deadly symptoms together to kill off the reasearch teams and drive every country in to an apocalytpic wasteland.

Although, it can be incredibly hard to infect Greenland. Birds and water transmitions early on can improve your ability to infect this country, but evem that isn't a solution every time.

Staring at an map of the world for a while does get almost boring though after a while and you start to wish you were back on a different game.

It aims to rectify this by having different modes. Main game, is a nornal campaign designed specifically to hust let you create as much havok as pooular. Scenario is probably the most fun, you get to controll a real disease and make it the star of the apocalypse, manipulating it to become a much more effective killer. Speed run, well, it says ot all on the tin, you have to kill the world in the quickest time and the shortest amount of years. This is also a race against your friends scores.

The secnarios are where you should probably spend the most time, the main game is great and you can pretty much do whatever you want, after a few victories you can create different types of disease, from fungus to a Necro based disease, by this I mean with the right combination of symptoms, you can have your own mini series of The Walking Dead, by having the virus controll dead bodies.

By all means, it isn't the best game in the world, but it is certainly more fun in its simplicity than DLCs for AAA games that are the same price.

Overall 3/5
Graphics N/A
Gameplay 4/5

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