Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rally Copters Out Today on PS4, PS Vita (North America)

Ricardo Aguiló, lead designer at Depth First Games, announced today, that Rally Copter is out today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can watch the trailer right here:

"Rally Copters is a 2.5D physics-driven, helicopter time-trial game," says Ricardo Aguiló on the PlayStation Blog. "The vibrant style is reminiscent of a classic, vector-based arcade game. You will guide your helicopters through a number of challenging obstacles and gauntlets. Mastering the momentum of the vehicle will be crucial for navigating the 27 increasingly-difficult levels. Fortunately, the game’s twin-stick controls allow you to perform advanced maneuvers that will shave precious seconds from your track times."

An interesting way to keep you hooked to the game is how the leaderboard system is working. "The leaderboard system has a unique twist that will dynamically update how difficult it is to achieve a medal. The medals that you earn today could be lost tomorrow. In order to keep your medals you will need to consistently improve your track times!"

The game is out today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita available on the Store for a price of $12.99.

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