Tuesday, 27 October 2015

G2G at Comic Con: Nolan North

We were honoured to be given our first press passes as a group to London Comic Con. With this we got to see some conferences with select stars. Our first one was Nolan North, most of you will (obviously) know him as Nathan Drake from Unchanted.

Some.of his insights were interesting, most of all, his take on the Voice Actors strike in America. In his answer he told the room "I didn't have enough information to make a well informed decision about the pay and conditions surrounding us," he went on to say "it was a vote for 'the right to strike' rather than strike action itself."

His views were an gateway in to understanding but as he said himself "as I didn't have enough information, I felt I couldn't make a decision and that is why I abstained from the vote."

He was asked a few times about Unchanted (as you might expect), when asked if he could have imagined that Nathan would be part of his life for a decade, he replied "Certainly not, you can never know if something is going to take off or if people will find emotional value in the games you're voicing for.

"Infact I was misquoted as saying I had a ten year contract when the first title came out, when I meant to say something along the lines of 'you never know what could happen, I could be playing Drake for ten years', a lot of people have a real emotional attachment to Nathan and I think that's why it is so successful."

Attention turned to the rumours of a possible movie on the horizon, as happens with mostly any hugely popular game. Nolan was quick to say, he doesn't think that a movie would be a good idea, mainly because of people's expectations. He went on to compare the idea with 50 shades of grey, which had the room nervously laughing. "Stay with me on this one, what I mean is, everyone has their own idea of how a character should be or even who it should be. I mean take Christian, every woman has an idea of his height, weight, looks, voice, etc. So much so, when you finally cast a character like that, you're alienating a large chunk of your audience because their imagination doesn't match reality. I think the same problem would apply to an Unchanted movie or an Last of us movie. People are so emotionally attached and invested in them, that you could easily get things wrong."

Finally, Nolan was asked if he could see himself voicing Drake for more adventures. He said "I'd say I'd like to, but eventually I'll end up playing Saul if it goes on too long," He paused for a small while and went on "I'd enjoy playing him again, I mean Sony could want to make more, who knows what could happen."

Next we met with Edward James Olmos of Battlestar Galactica.

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