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Metal Gear Online V Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came, saw, and conquered consoles and PCs worldwide. The game by Kojima Productions is well received although the online features were quite damaged the first few days to weeks. As we already covered in our review of that game, the gameplay is something we really appreciate, especially the open world and the variety of weapons, companions, and the different situations you are put in as the game progresses. You can read our Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain review right here:

On October 6 this year, the whole new online component arrived within the game giving players a chance to face off in 8v8 matches (6v6 on last-gen consoles) in three different types of modes. Finally, your created avatar from MGSV:TPP is playable and ready to be leveled up. You can choose from different playable classes, which set your style of playing through missions. That is the overall set-up.

Now let's dig a little deeper into what you can find in Metal Gear Online 3. First off, you start at a camp with your created character, playing through a quick tutorial to learn how the iDroid, your communications device, works in this part of Metal Gear Solid V. You can start a match by looking for one automatically, searching for a certain mission, or playing in private matches with friends. You can change your loadouts, your outfit, and look up stats all from your iDroid.

There are three character classes available to choose from, the Enforcer, the Infiltrator, and the Scout. The Scout is a long-ranged class, granting you bonuses to sniper rifles and tagging of enemies. The Enforcer uses brute force as the name suggests, use automatic rifles, explosives, and close-ranged weapons like shotguns, equipped with heavy armor. And lastly, the Infiltrator is a stealthier approach to eliminate your enemies. They use stealth camo, which is surprisingly effective, and CQC (Close Quarter Combat) to fulton your enemies from the game, with which you gain bonus points.

Those three classes are enough to have some different experiences of the game. In addition to that, there are two unique characters that have their own style of play, Revolver Ocelot and Venom Snake. One random team member is going to be one of those two unique characters, which brings even more variety to the game. And it is always a little ego boost when you fulton the legendary Snake into the sky.

The game modes differ from each other pretty heavily. The Bounty Hunter mission is a deathmatch kind of mode, in which you try to get rid of the opponents' ticket counter, think of Battlefield only much smaller and shorter. There is one thing though, when you use fulton on your opponent, your team gains a ticket and the other team loses one. The game can be played in a normal and a rushed mode, which reduces the map to a very small area and increases the number of tickets a bit. These rush games can end pretty fast with a slaughter on the battlefield, fultoning enemies is almost impossible as you quickly get spotted and killed.
The Cloak and Dagger, the second game mode, is the opposite of the Bounty Hunter mission. One team is in the possession of two data discs, which they have to save from the attacking team to be retrieved and brought back to their HQs. The fun part is, all players of the attacking team are using stealth camo, which never depletes as it does in the other two missions. If one player gets caught by a defending player, the whole team will lose their stealth for a short amount of time. This is a very strategic game mode, best played with friends to plan your routes. Definitely one of the funnest game modes of MGO3.
And then there is Comm Control, which is nothing else than what is known as Domination in other games. There are three Comm Links that need to be captured by a team to gain points. The team that gets the goal score or has the higher score when the timer runs out wins.

All three game modes are fun to play and are never really going to be boring even after playing for hours in one game session. Notable also are the playlists a host can create, which brings a bit of a variety to an online game session as well.

As you gain experience and earn Gear Points (GP) you unlock more weapons and equipment for your loadout and you are able to buy aesthetics with your GP, some colors for your equipment require you to pay Mother Base Coins however. You also gain abilities that you can equip that will boost some of your skills like accuracy, stealth camo duration, fulton bonuses, and more. Can be helpful but they don't really feel like they can make a big difference.

Metal Gear Online is a lot of fun to play, one thing that is a bit disappointing though is that Konami haven't released some additional trophies/achievements to unlock. While playing online, it feels a bit empty when it comes to personal tasks, which most of the other mulitplayer games provide from the get-go. Nonetheless, the whole game experience is a nice addition to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and coming completely free of charge makes it even more fun.

Gameplay: 7/10
Overall: 8 (due to the fun factor)

Release Date: October 6, 2015 (Consoles)
Developers: Kojima Productions LA
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Stealth action
System: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC

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