Monday, 2 November 2015

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Review

 It has been a rocky road for the past few years for Assassin's Creed. Unity was met with widespread moans from fans about the quality of the product (especially on PS4). They set out to rectify this in Syndicate. Ubisoft have achieved that outright. It's still not perfect, but it isn't the worst AC game either.

Playing as both Evie and Jacob Frye, a set of twins that you can switch between freely during open world play. Evie is geared more towards stealthy options and blending in with her surroundings, while Jacob can run in and kill everyone in a destructive cycle, like an MMO tank.

Refined within this game is not only a storyline, which feels a little more fresh, having to liberate regions of London to regain controll of the city from the Templars. It also breeds two different character stories. One of Jacobs obsession with forming a gang, called the Rooks, and taking on other rival Templar controlled gangs for street supreamacy. The other is Evie's desire to find the piece of Eden that the Temlars have controll of. Both are interesting in their own way and show different kinds of characters. Evie's carefully laid out but amazingly brutal plans of stealthy intuitivness and Jacobs all out brawls with his almost sociopathic tendacies towards anyone wearing red.

The skill tree also shows this ideal off well. There are skills that can only be unlocked by Jacob and only by Evie in the skill lines. Molding them differently if you utilise them. Split in to Combat, Stealth a d Eco-System. Each one represents different challenges. Ofcourse, you can level them up anyway you want, but singular missions which are only open to one character or the other, it is advised to follow the original character path first of all, to make missions easier.

Getting around is also pretty fun. You can run around like a parkour lunatic like normal, which after sequence 3 becomes easier with the inclusion of the zip wire wrist attachment. Making it easier to climb sync towers and also a valid way to get around without guards seeing you. The voltactic bomb is also a new useful tool, a bomb that discharges electricity to surrounding enemies, stunning them for a short while. The poison dart makes a return but this time it can infect two or three enemies at once if shot in to a fire.

There is also a lot more to do. You can perform bounty hunts, templar hunts, gang strongholds, child liberation and various other activities to liberate districts and increase the standings of associates loyalty, gaining you rewards. You can also steal templar supplies and take them back to the Rooks for cash rewards and more as the game unlocks them for Ned's standing to increase also.

Not having Multiplayer or Co-op doesn't hold ot back, as the brutality is redesigned for a single player story only, but this is more loke going back to its roots. That is not a bad thing to do, it feels better as a single player game, occassionally you do feel like they missed a trick with not letting your friens be Evie too. But then the solo missions relating to a certain character wouldn't work.

Assassin' Creed is now finding its form again. A lot better than Unity, but its open world map of London isn't as expansive as Edward Kenway's Carribean. Gadgets are a little more discreet than with other titles, apart from maybe the zipline launcher and the story is much stronger than Arno's murderous trip around Paris.

Overall 8/10
Gameplay 8/10
Storyline 7/10
Activities 9/10


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