Saturday, 21 November 2015

Fallout 4 OST Review

Soundtracks can sometimes be hard to get right. If you're like most of us at the G2G office, then you'll be looking out for them and snapping them up. Well, we did and we're not looking back. Fallout 4's OST is a little darker than Fallout 3's rendition. It has an undertone of sadness, which reflects the storyline at large, it has a soft overtone that throws you off guard for louder and more abrupt melodies.

There is a strong motiff running through the album, that some other games lack. You deffinitely have a sense of impending danger with the beats orchestral score. The slow beat of songs like "Wandering - The City" followed by blasts of string instruments, giving you a chill up your spine. It's difficult not to think of the world you'd be in while listening to the soundtrack at large.

We can't help but listen to "Rebuild, Renew" constantly. The piano score in particular builds inages in your mind of what your character had to go through on their quest to find Shaun. When coupled with the guitars, violins and the woodwinds, it becomes the most pleasant of the songs on the sixty-five track album. It's very symbolism strikes an image of home and saftey in Sanctuary.

It shouldn't be a shock that a 9.5 rated title has an brilliantly put together soundtrack as the one Inon Zur has created. It's hard to choose a soundtrack that fits a game better.

Overall 4.5/5

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