Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Game Of The Year Predictions

It was announced mid-week that Geralt's last adventure in The Witcher 3, had been pretty much nominated for every single Game of the Year award going. It isn't surprising that the behemoth released in February has done so well.

True the story in places lacked a little depth and conviction, but it's completely overhauled game mechanics meant it was easy to just pick up and play, different from the rather complicated Withcher 2 combat. Relationships even had consequences at times (even resulting in an awkward quest if you romanced a certain couple of ladies in one playthrough). The script was 100 times better and the graphics on both Xbox and PS4 were pretty mindblowing.

What of it's competition though?

First off you have the latecomers in Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Fallout 4 had so much more to it than 3, yet felt so close to its predecessor that it still felt part of the family. Romances and companion affinities mean extra perk bonuses, along with bobbleheads and magazines to create a power surge within your character. An overhauled level design, although, maybe a little too basic for most RPG fans.

Story wise. It falls pretty short alongside Witcher 3. You get to the end of the main questline and may be a little dissapointed, you do however still have a war to settle which acts like the third act of the story. Even acting as an agent of two or more factions while deciding who is correct to support at the end. A mixture of story devices of New Vegas and three.

Tomb Raider has a very explosive start. Starting out explaining how you ended up where you are now by taking you two weeks previous. Escaping an avalanche virtually straight away and then having a fist fight with a bear, it isn't skimping on drama in any form. Could it beat Witcher or Fallout? Unlikely, but it has a strong contendership, never the less.

You could argue the case for episodic games too, Telltale's Game of Thrones and Dontnod's Life is Strange, both did very strong outings this year. True both released their first episode last year, but don't count them out for awards this year.

You even have Playstation's own Bloodborne in the mix. It wasn't as strong as its spiritual predecessor, Dark Souls, but was very enjoyable to play and even watch on Twitch. Monster design was spot on, level design even better, then the story wasn't much to write home about. This seems to be a big thing of AAA titles this year, weak or weakish storylines but incredible gameplay, graphics and character design. This ultimately makes decisions for Game of the Year very, very difficult.

With all these titles, who could possibly choose? It'll be down to judges personal tastes rather than a standout winner for 2015.

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