Monday, 16 November 2015

How Tomb Raider Raises The Bar

Tomb Raider had a majoritively got high praise. Although it wasn't a perfect title, it had the charm of the older titles mixed with the technical ability of the newer titles on the market.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is pretty much the same deal, except the story is more streamlined, it's a more personal struggle for Lara this time around. Off to prove her father right about religion and the holy existance of a prophet.

It raises the bar mostly by the game mechanics themselves. You have the crafting abilities still present, can go about them the same way, with smaller bits added like hunting birds and bird nests for more crafting adds needed. Also, the way the world is, it's pretty much out to get you and force you to think quickly.

The first real encounter of this is an avalanche you cross paths with, as you climb a mountainside with Jovah (who you'll remember from the reboot). You end up in an brief respite zone, where you can treat it as a mini tomb. Explore round to get you translation skills up of a certain language, then you can translate the totem in the middle of the room. This counts as a collectible, but also gives historical background and ocassionally context about your surroundings.

This is a minor but interesting addition, as it adds an extra dimension to the collectibles. It works as a bit of character building of turning Lara in to the girl we love.

Not only are the normal guys trying to kill you, you have new ways to kill. The stealthy way has the ability to kill from the water. Drowning the poor sap you've just dragged under the surface. Tomb Raider

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