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PlayStation News Round-Up, 26th October - 1st November

What's up, G2G:Evolved community members? This is a quick overview of what's happened this week in the PlayStation world.

NieR: Automata Trailer Released
Fans of the NieR have been waiting five years since the last release to get a new game in the franchise by PlatinumGames and Square Enix. This week at Paris Games Week, Square Enix presented the new title NieR: Automata with a trailer and some info all around the game. Watch the trailer here:

The action RPG is now a "work in progress" and many are anticipating the release now for sure. The story of Nier fascinates and will not exactly be continued in NieR: Automata but more telling a new story about 2B, an android without any emotions, fighting in the battle between the humanly created androids like 2B and an alien species that invaded planet Earth.

New Shadow of the Beast Gameplay Trailer
Another game fans have been waiting for a long, long time is Shadow of the Beast. That is not only because the last installment came out in the year 1992 for the Amiga back then but also because the remake of the first game was officially announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game in 2013 at Gamescom in Cologne. Finally, there is some news coming from Paris Games Week in the form of a new gameplay trailer:

Pre-Order Alienation Now
Housemarque always delivers quality games with Dead Nation, Super Stardust, and Resogun, and beside the awesome trailer we've seen at the conference, they also put Alienation out ready for pre-order with this trailer that contains a lot of gameplay and a lot of aliens splattered all over the screen.

The PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week had more nice announcements and gave us a lot of trailers, all of which you can see at the following location:

To find out more about the next free games that come with your PlayStation Plus subscription, here you can find the complete list:

And like every week, the PlayStation Store got updated with a lot of new entries. See here:

This is it for this week's news, check back next Sunday for more about PlayStation. Also, check out all our other content here on G2G:Evolved.

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