Monday, 16 November 2015

(Possible Spoilers) Fallout 4's companion's are solid, here's why

It's been a long time coming, but finally we have it. Having waited since 2008 for a sequel, Fallout 4 was announced officially at E3.
But what about its companions? How do they match up to the previous titles?

Well, we haven't hidden our love for Cait here at G2G, the ballsy Irishwoman that enjoys you running round the wasteland, fighting the Brotherhood in the nude, has really helped us become a sarcastic, mean-spirited grump on our journey to find Shaun.

The others are just as interesting. There's two you can decide from immediately, Dogmeat and Codsworth. Codsworth isn't that helpful in combat situations, but can bring some joy while exploring. There are more interesting ones than that.

After gaining the trust if the Minutemen, you can ask Preston out for a run, he likes you to be nice and uphold the law. Which means no lockpicking, theiving or pickpocketing on your travels. He's not the font of humour that others are. Yet he is great when kitted out properly. Even more useful in this respect is Paladin Danse.

You can get him by aligning yourself with the Brotherhood of Steel. Look out for a military distress signal, which leads you to three soldiers fighting ghouls. The big brute is Danse. Help him on a mission and you get an invitation to fly to the Prydwen (the Brotherhood's flying fortress) and he'll recommend you for joining the cause. His power armour does seem to make him more resiliant than other companions, but again, he's for the goody two-shoes kind of approach. You have to be nice all the time and follow the laws.

Diamond City, a city of loyalty and love. Yeah, we didn't believe it either. Here you'll be given two followers for free. Nick Valentine, an escaped Synth, who runs the detective agency in the city. He helps you in the hunt and even works out who to go to for the information needed. At the end he becomes your follower. Piper is also in this city. She is an reporter for the local paper. As part of a quest, she needs to follow you anyway. Both of these guys like you to be polite, unselfish but crafty. Both like you lockpicking and hacking terminals. The closest you'll get to being both evil(ish) and good at the same time.

Curie is our favourite robotic friend. Found in vault 81, during the quest "a hole in the wall". You have to tell her she is relieved of her research duties and have her follow you out the building back to Vault 81 to unlock her. He clever robot is in a matter of fact sort of personality. She doesn't care how you react to people verbally as long as you're not a violent person. She also likes when you protect Dogmeat on your travels, which isn't a bad thing either.

The institute has its own follower. X6-88 is unlocked during a quest called "Mankind Redefined" where you're sent to track down a synth. The downside to him is, you have to be pretty damn boring to start earning his loyalty. Peaceful in nature, but selfish on how you approach new people and you can gain loyalty from crafting weapon and armour mods. Weirdly, he loves you getting in to power armour but hates you getting in to an vertibird.

Strong is by far the most useful. He's a Supermutant that you can get by freeing him at the end of Side Quest "Curtain Call" this requires you to listen to the broadcast from Trinity Tower. He becomes your companion at the end of the quest he's useless because his prowess in battle makes him formiddable. He is also quick when you want to use him as a supply runner between settlements. He's also not fussy either. Being generous is a key factor but he doesn't mind you being violent in situations which breed the hatred of your gun. Has no opinion on chem or alcohol dependancy, he even finds it finny if you kill a trader and decide to eat him. Yes, we said eat. He does hate you lockpicking, hates you being inside power armour and ising vertibirds and even healing Dogmeat, pisses him off.

Then we have the railroads Deacon, unlocked after the quest "Tradecraft" he is a suspicious but also very Neo from The Matrix. Knows what he's talking about but very boring to listen to.

Hancock, a ghoul from Goodneighbour who becomes available after "The Big Dig" side quest from Bobbi no-nose. His recruitment also counts as an micellaneous objective.

McCready is also from Goodneighbour. During side quest "A Long Road Ahead".

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