Friday, 20 November 2015

Why we should all ignore the hate.

I hate the term "True Gamer", it distracts from the industry and not only that but fans in general. Although, you occassionally find yourself using it at times, then you immediately want to vomit.

You equally want to projectile vomit when people actively seek out to badmouth the other console. I never understood the mentality last generation and I don't understand it this generation.

The truth is all formats have a reason for you to choose them. First of all PC can be more porwerful than either console. The other advantage is that you can upgrade parts as you go along. Graphics for this reason are normally miles better than its console buddies. 

No real issue should come between the consoles. Neither are neccessarilly more powerful than the other. Both consoles have amazing (and disappointing) exclusives. You could even compare these titles, but at the end of the day, for consoles it really comes down to the games you enjoy playing.

Ordinarilly, I end up having both consoles every generation, or make friends with someone who has the opposite to stay in touch with brilliant titles. So far, I've only had enough money to buy an Xbox. Personally, I'd not go back an swap it. Even with some of its problems (by the way PS4 isn't without its own fair share of issues) it's still a great console. True, Kinect can be annoying at times, having it stop working ocassionally, sometimes Live goes down, what service doesn't? 

The games I truly love are on this console though. With backwards compatibility included it's pretty awesome. Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Rare Replay are what I mainly enjoy out of the exclusives available. However, that doesn't mean Playstation has rubbish titles. I make no secret of my love of Quantic Dream as an developer, both Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are two of my favourite games in gaming history. Now, with their new addition Detroit, it's making me want a PS4 more abd more. Even older PS3 titles made me keep my love afair with Playstation alive, Resistance and Uncharted were two of my favourite franchises on the console. 

These are the decisions that you should really base your console purchase on. That and the service available. Playstation has a great online service, you can play newer tiles as part of Playstation Plus. The good thing with both Playstation Plus and Xbox's Games with Gold is you get to keep the games you download. With Xbox, you can still download every 360 game on your 360, ready for backwards compatibility, giving you four a month, evetually. Neither is really a stronger service than the other. 

Playstation Now has older PS3 titles you can play, at an extra cost if you want to play them. Xbox's new Backwards Compatibility, lets you download games  you have previously downloaded immediately to your hard drive. Admittedly there is only 105 titles included so far, but there are still more coming. You can even load them from your disc. Again with Backwards Compatibility, you can keep them for, well, forever. PS Now, is mainly rentals. 

Neither service is without its flaws, but they both have great options available to them. The issue shouldn't come from a pointless console war, where only short sighted people can see the benefits of only one system. It should come from what system would benefit you most, which one suits you most and most importantly, what games you wish to play. The best reason, buy what you can play with mates. Arguably, it is easier to make friends through Xbox's social system than PS4's but either is equally enjoyable to play online with, either with frienda or random people you meet. 

My advice, don't buy in to the hate speeches of either set of fans, do your own reasearch and choose the format that is right for you. Be it Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or PC. Enjoy gaming for what it is, the community should be a brotherhood. 

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