Friday, 25 December 2015

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Review

Trolling through the Xbox Live sales can be fun. Unfortunately, I have the misfortune of having played most of the titles on offer. Then I came across Chivalry, a game I have been curious for some time now on special off, behold, even the high end version was only £25.

This turned out to be the best thing about Chivalry, which is a shame as it looked to promise a lot of fun. Graphically, it's terrible, during the ill-designed training section, you even notice there isn't any lips moving on soldiers. Just a blank stare and somehow these medieval knights have become telepathic too, as if a Bioshock Big Daddy may come around the corner at any minute. Even things like fire doesn't look quite right within the game world, which is fairly odd for a game that runs off of EPIC's Unreal Engine.

Speaking of the tutorial, you come to learn before heading online, that the gameplay is mostly about chance than actual skill. Okay, so some of the best games ever created have had elements of luck about them within their multiplayers, we only have to look at Gears of War to see that, but this not only takes the biscuit, it also takes the cake and your lunch money.

All in first person, you get taught the basics straight away like blocking with LT, kicking someone by hitting LB and RS at the same time, stabbing people with RS and dealing crushing heavy blows with RB. This is all fine until you explore the rest of the tutorial, there are three types of tutorial you can play before enlisting and then guards from one of the two waring factions will decide to attack you between each section. This is all fine, I'm learning after all, but then you come to the layout, it's easy to mistakenly walk back in to an arena you've already done, in which case you're forced to repeat it as there is no cancelation button.

Online it becomes very clear that some people have managed to get around the dreadful combat and have managed to develop unique styles. This is where the interest comes in, but also the fury you'll surely feel. You can use all the dirty tricks, tricks players in to blocking early then (even though you're basically inside their armour with them) you'll miss from point blank range, only for someone ten levels higher than you to stab you in the back. It's easy to go on death streaks,more so than any other online title. Archery is probably the one strong suit of armour the game has. It can be increadibly easy to miss shots, although, you can easily get around that by learning how character animations will mean sudden movement enough for you to aim just in front of your target for a kill.

Classes aren't out of the ordinary, archers, the speedy but light on armour class, the balanced combat class and then the armour heavy, Knight. You'll be familiar with these.

With no correction after matches for level bias (if the server can manage to swap the teams around) e.g. like the later version of Titanfall, then it is a little weird that you can decide to change teams half way through battle if your team is being mullered. The kick system is also infuriating as people spam kick votes whenever they die, meaning you almost lose the whole left side of your screen if you're locked in a battle when the vote goes live.

Modes are run of the mill. Objectives, where you assault a castle and kill the king or terrorise peasants then kill the king. Team Deathmatch, Free for all, Horde, there isn't a mode you won't be unfamiloar with. By far the best is Objective, in my opinion, giving you more time to figure out how the game mechanics work outside of the tutorial.

It's almost hard to find something you enjoy about Chibalry, so if you do, hold on to that thought and play the crap out of that particular mode or class. These battles are seriously annoying.

Overal: 3/10
Graphics: 3/10
Gameplay: 4/10

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  1. It plays better on PC; was ported to console 2 years after it came out.