Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Gearsmas Coming Soon

The Coalition has announced the "Gearsmas 2016" event that will be on for a whopping 17 days.

Gearsmas 2016

During the event, Double XP will be available in all playlists and modes, helping those in need of the Re-up achievement for hitting level 100 and choosing to re-up.

A couple of new playlists will also be thrown in the mix for the duration of the event -- BTTE TDM, where players pair off against each other in 2v2 matchups on two small maps, and Shotty Snipes, where only the Gnasher Shotgun and Longshot Sniper Rifle will be available to use in games.

Finally, improvements have been made to the map rotation. The most popular maps will begin to appear more often. This does mean that Bullet Marsh, Escalation and Rooftops will return to all playlists (apart from Execution) as they will be seen less often than the popular maps.

The "Gearsmas 2016" event in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will begin on December 18th at 12pm PDT and end on January 5th at 12pm PDT.

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