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Solace's top 10 Xbox One titles

NOTE: This is entirely based on the opinion of the reviewer in question.

It's hard to explain, or indeed justify, your favourite games sometimes. Some are guilty pleasures, like BrĂ¼tal Legend from the 360 era and some are just because like Wet.

Xbox One has had some strong games out. Let's just run through the titles I've enjoyed most over it's relatively short lifetime.

1. Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Okay so virtually ever game in the series almost blends itself in to the former. Syndicate was, however, the most strong of the three titles on Xbox One.
The main downside was being constricted to just one city, but London looks so beautiful, it's hard to not like it. Gang warfare while fighting the Templars an simulation break to the future within World War One and lots more to so than Unity, the game went from strength to strength.

2. Wolfenstein The Old Blood
Wolfenstein is probably one of the best shooter franchises in gaming history. From it's humble beginnings it's become a big reboot franchise for the likes of Bethesda.
The prequel is on the list rather than The New Order, mainly because of the added extra challenge maps for different maps you've played through. It still has the same DNA as New Order, but the story is a little easier to swallow and you almost care more about killing the villain more in this title than the first title. Wonderfully executed in it's brilliantly gory gameplay.

3. Titanfall
Titanfall may not be a popular choice, but now it is sold for £10 and the DLC is free so, for me it is a no brainer for new console purchases.
It's all online which makes it more exciting. The campaign isn't really story driven masterpiece, more than another versus mode. Gameplay is excellent wether you're wall running and cloaking as a pilot or pubching pilots and causing a nightmare in an titan, there is something for everyone.
Lots of maps, lots of modes (like deathmatch, capture the flag, domination, pilot hunter and a horde mode) and even lots of choice of weapons and skills make this one of the more intriquing games you'll play of the current generation.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider wasn't necessarilly a reboot people expected. Rise of the Tomb raider (a timed exclusive) is the sequel to the brillaint reboot. Rise of the Tomb Raider does fall in to some of the same traps as Tomb Raider, eg finding areas early in the game that you need to complete 3/4 of the story to be able to open, but the same game mechanics are there.
The story is a lot stronger too, it's a more personal journey for Lara, trying to prove her father's theory correct, flashbacks to her childhood give more depth to the character as a whole, giving Crystal Dynamics scope to grow Lara.

5. Sunset Overdrive
It's intoxicating, annoying but fundamentally fun. Sunset brought a level of chaos we hadn't seen since Crackdown. Set in a world where an energy drink has transformed everyone in to a shambling monster, the game lends a great set of characters, amazing over the top sequences and a great array of weaponary to find. This title really does lend something to the open world sandbox games.
Sunset does really love to take the mockey out of itself and everything around it. Brilliant fun.

6. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain
Metal Gear is a set of titles that really does give you both a sense of accomplishment and a good laugh at the same time.
If extracting animals and people by balloon is funny enough for you, there are multiple takedowns and weapons you may find funny instead.
The game is best played stealthily but Kojima doesn't really punish you for going all guns blazing, unless you want an S rank that is.

7. Dead Rising 3
Not the strongest Dead Rising around, but it's great in co-op, the story doesn't require you to constantly worry about a dependent and you are easily able to just run around doing whatever you want withlut a few hundred time constraints, meaning you're not likely to miss anything this time around.
Pretty much the same gameplay as its predecessors again, this time gameplay is a little smoother and runs slightly quicker.

8. Middle Earth: Shadow of Modor
This list wouldn't be complete without G2G's 2014 Game of the year, Shadow of Modor.
An open world where the dead corpse of a ranger is inhabited by an elven wraith in order for the pair to get revenge on a common enemy.
It brought an extra dimension to the game, having a srt of ghostly powers as well as the run of the mill skills. Things like possessing Orcs to kill your target is the best way to dispatch annoying captains.
A rival syatem makes captains and generals stronger everytime they kill you, but the rewards get better for the most difficult enemies. Interrogating enemies will get you info on weaknesses and strengths, meaning you can plan ahead for their assassination. A strong game all round, was a hard game to beat in 2014.

9. Alien: Isolation
Runner-up to game of the year 2014. Alien Isolation was probably the best Alien title ever. It had a lot of damage to repair after the dreadful Colonial Marines and it passed the test with flying colours. Blending action with horror well, it brought the horror back to the franchise. The campaign is oure gold and we can't wait to see what Sega brings next.

10. Fallout 4
A strong contender for Game of the Year, Fallout returned for a new generation. Fallout was a solid game, a weak main story kind of let it down, fairly similar to Fallout 3's, it was really the side stories and random quests that made Fallout 4 stand out and be special.
A dumbed down leveling system also out a slight downer on it. Still a leveling system that works well and does the job it sets out to do, but Fallout 3's system seemed more immersive. Running on a similar engine to Elder Scrolls Online seemed to help it out a lot. Ultimately a very strong, fun game with endless possibilities.

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