Saturday, 30 January 2016

Exploring the Dark Zone: The Division

Think of the dark zone like the loud, drunk girl at a party. You'd be cautious to approach it for fear of being too out of your depth. The learning curve actually turns out not to as steep as you'd expect. It's virtually the same thing as the stotyline's version of New York, but it's a tiny bit more insane.

Players this side of the wall and kill one another, but be aware of the bounties placed on your head after, as the killing of other agents, turns you rogue. Just like GTA Online, survive the bounty and you get the reward, get killed and other players get the rewards. Siding with friends is a good idea in this place, strength is deffinitely in numbers.

You also drop the loot you picked up when you die, so it gives you another reason to team up. This is because you need to extract your loot to keep it, it gets store in your safe when you complete an extraction mission. This gives you XP towards character progression but also to a DZ level. This is for DZ orientated weapons and vendors, these are higher end versions of loot and if brought with cash or successfully extracted, you can't loose them.

The random enemies are also stronger and make it harder for you to get around on your own. There are pretty much the same activities to do in the storyline world, just a tiny bit harder.

Loot fiends will love it, people who like a challenge will find it a little more interesting, but the game pretty much has the same long travel times and combat in the Dark Zone as the rest of the game.

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