Thursday, 14 January 2016

GSG 9, the ultimate learners operatives?

Rainbow Six Seige is rather fun to play, it does rely on communication and impeccable timing to get wins, bit what about learning to play?

There are five sets of operatives, The French GIGN, The British SAS, The Russian Spetnaz, American FBI and my favourite GSG 9 from Germany. Why did I reccomend them as a starting point? Well, first off they have the most heavily clad attacker in Blitz. Blitz uses a riot shirld, which limits him to a pistol only, but he can take several hits before taking damage if used correctly. Add to his shield the ability to flash and blind enemies making them easier to kill for you or your team mates and you have an almost unstoppable killing machine.

Pair him with GSG 9's aggressive lady and they become inseperable in combat (unless the SAS operative Thatcher is in play, in which case she should be paired with him), she can scan for explosives and enemy gadgets through walls, which is hady to help the team plan for an area of attack. She has the lowest armour rating though, so try to act as more of a supporter if you're playing as her.

Jäger and Bandit complete the set, they're the German defenders. Jäger is helpful to plant EOD's which defend against grenades and projectilrs being thrown in to defensive positions. He's also one of the fastest at manuvering around the maps than all the other defenders, makes him ideal to run about like a lunatic as long as you don't run in to large groups of hostiles. Bandit, however, is more suited to camping. He can electrify barbed wire to stop entry through doors, he can also electrify reinforced walls to stop people like Thermite blowing them up. He also comes with a choice of a flashbang or the rather helpful C4 bombs.

In all, I'd personally recommend them as you're first port of call. Mix them with the SAS operatvies and you can almost taste victory, for the fifth operative use Glaz of the Russian operatives. He can pick people off with a sniper while Blitz keeps them busy.

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