Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Guitar Hero Live: Is it harder?

Guitar Hero has always been a game that I've had a little bit of a soft spot for. Metallica's brought with it a new lease of life, but the Xbox One's version 'Guitar Hero Live' left me a little unsure with whether I wanted to pay the money out for it or not.

I thought I'd treat myself to it over christmas and have been having fun since. Some of you may question my choice to get this than Rockband, but I haven't looked back (and in all likelihood I'll end up with Rockband anyway). With upper and lower beats to hit this time, it does make it a little bit more challenging. There's two modes which kind of act like single player and multiplayer in a loose kind of meaning. Live puts you infront of a live crowd, where they react to how poor you are (like older versions). This isn't the main attraction though.

Playing Guitar Hero TV is the most fun part. Here you compete against nine other players to get the highest score for the current song. Playlists are split in to channels, these two channels have a mixture of different types of music on them. I spend a lot more time with the metal and indie channel than the more pop culture one.

This is the degree of difficulty you may struggle with, if you're a casual gamer, you're unlikely to get close to the top three as often as someone playing on expert, yes for some strange reason the game pits you against players playing three difficulties above you. There are a lot of challenges to complete and you have a level increase which is almost pointless. I find that this new installment actually throws gimmicks at you, rather than anything more challenging. Which is a shame, because it had such a strong backbone when you first started to play and running through the tutorial with a man who looks like a rejected member of Mastodon, only futher gave you the impression of actually being a band member of the real bands on stage with you.

Not such a strong outing as I'd have expected. The difficulty in this case is what you make of it.

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  1. Jonathan (@ErrantParadigm)6 January 2016 at 12:19

    I bought RB4 and GHL when they each came out. Personally I find that Rock Band 4 is still the better experience if you actually want to have fun. Firstly, because the guitar is made WAY better than the cheap and clicky sounding GH one and also functions way better for responsiveness.

    The next problem I had with GHL was that while I loved the idea of playing with music videos, the fact I can't simply buy a song for my library annoys me a bit, it's not life altering, but it's annoying...but more annoying, would be how bland the campaign mode is. I mean it's one thing to create your own band and work with them throughout a campaign, but giving me frequent random a-holes surrounding me and giving me varying stupid looks is completely off-putting...I mean, I play games to get away from strange a-holes, not welcome them into my home. Also, the sound mix coming out of my surround system is terrible compared to the great sound when I play RB4.

    My one complaint with RB4 is the same as always, the songs they release offer little that I want to buy and play and I wish they'd find a better way for me to make my own songs or let us truly choose what we want by allowing us to pay a special price for them to do whatever song we'd like. Oh, and freestyle guitar solos are absolutely terrible if you actually enjoy music...even worse if you're playing a song you like. I wish they gave a way to permanently shut that horrible addition off, instead you have to remember to do it each time you play.

    So, I'd say if you enjoy the music game genre, by all means get both if you can because you will find something enjoyable in each. HOWEVER, if you only can afford one, go with the one that offers the most fun and a more polished experience with better sound Rock Band 4.