Monday, 11 January 2016

Neverwinter's Next Expansion Dated For February

The R.A. Salvatore-penned "Underdark" expansion will hit Xbox One on February 9th. For a few words on what the new questline consists of, read below from Cryptic Studios themselves.

The demonic invasion has spread throughout the Sword Coast and threatens all the inhabitants of Neverwinter. Band together in the new Demonic Heroic Encounters, charge into the new Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods Skirmishes and vanquish the demon lord, Demogorgon in a brutal 10-player raid with the help of Drizzt Do’Urden, Regis and Bruenor Battlehamer!

Certain existing content is also changing for the better! The Tarmalune Trade Bar Store will undergo a massive rework, drastically decreasing prices all across the board. Adventurers may also preview any gear before you purchase to make sure your character ends up exactly how you envisioned. Refining Artifact Weapons into Artifact Equipment will always be refined at double the rate! There’s much more to uncover in Underdark.

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