Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Not A Hero comes to PS4 on February 2nd

Roll7's creative director, John Ribbins, announced today the launch of Not A Hero on PlayStation 4 on February 2nd. Roll7's history began with OlliOlli being first released on PS Vita and PS4. The skateboard trick game got a good reception and a second game followed shortly.

Not A Hero on the other hand started as a project called Ur Not A Hero, which was not signed with PlayStation and which is why it was first released on the PC with no intention of it to come to a PlayStation system. The game was developed by only two, Ribbins and Jake Hollands, in a game tool called Clickteam Fusion and after "permanent late nights and working weekends [...] even thinking about getting the game onto another platform other than PC was beyond us! Not to mention the fact that it shouldn't even be possible — Clickteam Fusion doesn't even export to PS4!"

But just like OlliOlli, the game did very well and Ribbins and Hollands decided to get the game on console either way. We can't be happier to see another great game by the small team getting big.

JerriKoe - Game on!

[Source: PS Blog US]

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