Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Division Storyline (PvE) thoughts

Unlike other RPGs, The Division has a very close quarters feel to it. Every bit of danger kind of reminds you of an George Romero Zombie flick. Set in a world after a catastophic bioweapon attack. The survivors fight for the freedom of the city, against thugs and criminals.

How Does it play? I hear you ask. Well, a little bit like Watch_Dogs is the answer. There are set skills that you can use two of at a time, from a balistic shield (much like Fuze in Rainbow Six) to an ability to throw certian special grenades. Within that are the obvious RPG tropes, loot, gear, weapons, attachments and rewards from building bases (not available in the beta version). It uses a cover system, like Mass Effect, where you can flick from cover to cover by holding A down, you can even dive out the way of grenades.

Graphically, it's a lot sleeker than Watch_Dogs and shares more beauty with Rainbow Six. I have yet to find anything too game breaking which is brilliant from a beta, the only main thing is a hyperactive dead body, boogying like it is 1994 and an inability to climb an escalator during the second main story mission.

Check out The Divison's playlist on our Youtube channel for a gameplay view.

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