Tuesday, 19 January 2016

US supreme court to assess Xbox 360 disc destroying issues.

In a bizzare move, the US Supreme court has decided it will look in to the claims that Xbox 360's game eating antics could have been avoided.

It cost me two copies of Gears of War personally, but it was easily avoidable by laying the console flat and not moving around it's plinth. It has been just over a decade since the first reports of the disc drive malfunction first came to light online and in the media, so why now? Well, it does take a long time for any legal system to evaluate cases, could be the biggest reason.

It seems odd that it has taken this long still, however, as studies were done on generation one 360's and it was concluded that disc drives weren't holding discs in place correctly. This study is so old, you can no longer find traces of it on the internet.

Later BBC's Watchdog programme ran tests on verying generations of 360's in 2009. They found no disc scratching issues. Also, around the same time, a class action lawsuit against Microsoft was thrown out of court, only to be successfully appealed against in 2012.

What could be the outcome? We may not know until 2025 at this rate.

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