Thursday, 14 January 2016

What can Gears 4 learn from Halo 5?

Halo 5 had a mixed set of reviews. The multiplayer by our deffinition is absolutely brilliant, after Halo 4 tried to turn it in to a new Call of Duty title. But what of the campaign? The campaign was unblanced between the two characters of Locke and Chief, it also almost had nothing to do with any of the trailers released before launch.
So, how should Gears of War go about their campaign? 

A new breath of life:
The beauty on the Gears campaign is that we've been told outright, it is a new squad. No Marcus unless it is a cameo. That's a big check plus plus for The Coalition. This not only gives them full reign over the story but also let's them jump off previous history if they can/have too. They should also not totally ignore parts of Gears lore like Halo 5 did. Don't get us wrong, for the most part, 343 have been really tip top with how close to the lore their games are, but 5 felt different. It's a whole Gears almost fell in to when you play through Judgment. So many inaccuracies made you want to punch Baird in the face.

Make a memorable story:
Halo 5, lets face it, most of us have forgotten the main bulk of the story that doesn't directly involve Cortana, no matter how good Nathan Fillion was in his acting. Gears Judgment had the same problem, to this day I could care less about Baird's backstory after playing the title. 

The story should be like the original trilogy, amazing set pieces, boss battles and crazy gameplay combined to make a masterpiece. I think Gears of War is the game I've completed the most times on 360. Who can forget the fight with RAAM on the speeding train, the moment he saw Dizzy take on Skorge or the moment we saw the Queen crushed by a giant flying wart. It these set pieces and memorable storylines (eg Dom's doomed quest for Maria) that make a game so good to play. That's what Halo 5 failed to do.
Killer Multiplayer:
Let's face it Gears has bever struggled with multiplayer, it almost redeemed Judgment. It brought incredible brutallity to the trilogy and it's only real problem is being shotgun heavy.
Halo 5 also stepped up the ante in 343's second outing, this is what Gears needs to replicate, the ability to churn out a new dimension to multiplayer. Okay, so Warzone is kind of like a grand scale 'Invasion' game type, but it works so well that I lost days on end to it. A beautifully out together multiplayer, as long as Gears can nail that, they'll be fine. Also, please bring back Horde Mode, Coalition. We miss it.

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