Thursday, 25 February 2016

Elder Scrolls Online: The best multiplayer?

Now, I hadn't played Elder Scrolls for a fair few months, until recently. I rejoined the game, to find that my guild had unfortunately perished through inactivity and found a nice PvP Daggerfall guild to replace it.

Since then, I've also sunk from one of the highest characters in Cyrodill to one of the lowest, but that doesn't stop me, as level scaling lets me do very similar damage to that of a veteran 16.

Why do I think it is the best PvP on console though? Well, the rebirth of a Dark age of Camelot style capture the keep for bonuses is pretty entertaining. Defending is probably the most fun of all of them and the battle for emperorship is engaging, not only that but game with them to get a slight alliance point boost. Sieges are fun, the full range of offensive like Catapults and trebuchuets to defensive as in Balistas and pouring oil give you fairly entertaining attack options.

In truth there aren't many PvPs that it is eaily comparable too, but choose another MMORPG as is The Division, true this game is only in its beta phase, but it does throw up some different challenges. Defence is only when you want to save your loot for later, having to extract and defend it. Defence in Elder Scrolls is never really your choice when you think about it. Normally only one side owns the map too, as only one seems to think tactically enough to actually gain emperorship.

Three rhelams battling it out also help make it more interesting but also incredibly laggy at times if all three are battling for the same keep. It can also randomly close the game client down because of this, still doesn't stop me having fun.

With the inclusion of The Imperial city DLC, it made it even better a sort of PvE-come-PvP arena, where you can complete PvE quests while battling other armies for Alliance Points. This adds a big dimension to the game and makes it more infuriating at the same time. As sometimes armies can get in the way of you getting somewhere to force on your progress. More battle arena style gameplay for your group than PvP, but you can play it like that never-the-less.

Still enjoyable and if you haven't played by now, it's the best time too, the second PvE DLC is out next month at 2000crowns through the crown store, detailing the rise of the thieves guild.

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