Monday, 8 February 2016

Hand of Fate Review

Hand of Fate Review for G2G: EVOLVED

Hand of Fate is a card game turned RPG brought to you by Defiant Development. It is also the first title for February’s ’games with gold’ program. The aim of the game is to defeat the dealer/dungeon master by taking game altering risks during the card gameplay by fighting hand to hand with the various enemies and bosses that are thrown at you during your adventure.

The game starts with you taking a seat at the hooded dealers table where he briefly explains how his game works and that you must pass all 13 gates to win. Although the dealer acts as the ultimate dungeon master and overall boss, he doubles as your adviser and teacher.

Your starting deck consists of some basic weapons and armour plus a couple encounter cards but you will unlock more as you progress through the game. The dealers deck consists of environmental and monster cards which grow increasingly difficult. To progress through the story the player must go from floor to floor in each dungeon by playing through the cards on the table until you reach a portal card (which takes you to the next floor) or the dungeon boss. Your character has a limited amount of health, food and gold. Gold can be obtained by selling items when you come across a merchant card, defeating enemies or completing secondary tasks. Food is essential in staying alive as each move awards you health depending on the amount of food available. If you have no food available then each move will remove a small portion of your health due to ‘starvation’.

As you play through the deck you will encounter many types of cards. Most cards are relevant to the story such as portal, enemies and bosses but you also encounter merchant, npc’s and chance cards. Merchants allow you to buy and sell your equipment but also rid yourself of any curses/blessings you may have. NPC’s may offer you blessings or try to rob you so be ready for anything. Chance cards are where you can win big loot. The dealer offers you a reward but earning that reward isn’t so easy. The dealer faces four cards downwards which consist of pass/fail cards. He then shuffles them so it’s a case of being lucky. The pass cards will reward you whereas the fail cards will result in you losing health, equipment or being cursed.

The combat is a little stale. You have a one handed weapon and also a shield which can deflect incoming ranged attacks or basic melee. The attacking motion is simple and repetitive as well as the defending and can seem very clunky. You can deflect an opponent’s attack when a counter sign pops up above their head but by doing this, it overrides any current attack which makes your character look like he is glitching around the map.

Even though the combat scenes are very short, the environments look very good and detailed and make you want to explore which is disappointing as once the combat is over you are thrown straight back to the table with the dealer.

Overall this game is one of my favourite ‘games with gold’ titles to date. Even though it can be repetitive and clunky, its fun and gripping and I would certainly recommend to anyone who is looking for something a little different.

Story- 4/10

Graphics – 7/10

Combat – 5/10

Gameplay – 8/10

Overall – 7/10

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