Saturday, 27 February 2016

It's 2016! Why Am I Playing Skyrim Again? (And Loving It!)

At the end of 2011 A friend of mine asked how I was enjoying Skyrim and I mentioned that I hadn't played it yet and he proceeded to lecture me on how awesome the game was. Now in 2011 I was just about full swing into my return to gaming from a decade of drinking and partying through my twenties.

Fun times, fun times but back to Skyrim. After hearing that I hadn't even picked up Skyrim my friend brought his brother's copy of the game over, and admittedly I still have the disc. To be fair, I've tried to give it back many times. Three months later my Call of Duty clan members are blowing up my phone and PSN message box telling me to stop killing dragon's and come play more CoD, I was hooked.

Like many gamers I fell in love with Skyrim. I could spend days just adventuring, no quest in mind, just walking around discovering new things. I loved the atmosphere, the story, and of course the adventures! Great games still have flaws though. On Playstation 3 Skyrim took forever to get through loading screens and could also crash at anytime causing you to lose all your progress from your last save spot. Add to this a delayed DLC release for PS3 owners that had gamers furious with no information as to why our DLC was months and months behind the Xbox release. When I finally got the DLC my game crashed within a week of playing and corrupted my save data losing around 400 hrs of play time. I was done and haven't touched the game on PS3 since then. Carry on reading @Couch Jockey Gaming

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