Saturday, 27 February 2016

Plants vs Zombies GW2 Review

Here We Grow Again......

In this day and age shooter games are a dime a dozen, when it comes to Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, shooters now have to step their game up a notch. With beautiful colors, variety, and just plain fun PVZ GW2 stands out and above some of the best shooters available today.

Gameplay mechanics in PVZ are top notch, from just the movement of characters, to the plethora of options for abilities to use against your foes. Most characters have some form of shooting that they do, no matter if its corn, sparkles, bullets, ice, or even fire. One particular character has melee attacks to mimic a super hero and that’s Super Brainz. Lol, I have to give EA a lot of credit here, this character is very fun to play with and the art direction is spot on. He has the wavy hair as if he was Superman but as a zombie, and he’s sort of clunky with his chest out bravado. He's a strong character, and has some very fun powers to play with, but I will not spoil it for you, I’ll leave it up to you to find out for yourself. You also have other characters such as the Imp which can call down a mech suit to help destroy foes on the plants side of the fence, which is really fun to use as well. Additions such as these are what make this game stand out from other shooters, you have options for the type of character you want to be.

The art direction in the game is also really good, I love the theme park look of the stages you encounter, and just like in the original game, and you can still get on top of buildings to gain the competitive edge. The scene is more vibrant than before, also there are a lot of background movement than before as well, and the parks are just alive now. Character models look better and are more personality driven, and they seem to talk more which is pretty cool.

One thing that I learned is that going it alone is not going to work when playing PVZ2. Many times ive wanted to do what I call COD it and just go out and do my own thing, but this is just as much a team based game as any cooperative shooter, and to me it’s essential. Teamwork is key to win and playing a role will be more satisfying than trying to be Rambo.

The single player component is pretty much nonexistent, there are some levels but really it’s not even worth the time to put into the game. If you want coins then maybe it’s worth playing some of the single player aspect of it, but you get more coins to buy packs in the team based aspect of it. On that note, buying packs to unlock other characters and items are pretty cool, because all in game loot that is earned by just playing the game can be used to get other abilities, costumes and so on. You don’t have to spend a dime of real money in this game to enjoy the fruits, veggies and zombies!

My final thoughts are that this game is very solid and I enjoy playing this game. From the one on one combat, to the team based combat, to the art and animation of the characters and arenas, PVZ2 is a joy to play. I would recommend this game to any age group because it is that fun and immersive.

Gameplay: 9

Graphics: 8.5

Replay Ability: 10

Single Player Story: 6

Pay to Play: 10

Score: 8.7

Written by Arthur 

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