Monday, 8 February 2016

Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice Review

Rainbow Six was my personal favourite game of last year. Somehow, the online only shooter got me away from Lara Crofts latest adventure, so much so, I haven't even finished Rise of the Tomb Raider.

So I brought the season pass. They're late coming, buth these operators fit the latest map. There is only one new map in the update, which is set on a luxery yacht stuck in a snowstorm. As you'd imagine, being on a boat makes it alot more tight as a map than any in the main game. This is a good thing as it really does teach your team to communicate properly. It isn't the best map by a long shot, it can be too easy to create multiple choke points as the defenders. Unlikely other maps where it can still be really easy to trick defenders out of their hiding spots. As I said the new operators counteract that. Buck is the new attacker, the Canadian uses his underslung shotgun to surprise his victims at close range. His main weapons can be full range semi auto rifle or he can be like a mini assualt version of Glaz. He isn't the most fun to play out of the two newbies though. 

Frost, she's as bad ass as her countryman Buck, but she can be put to more lethal endevours than any of the other defenders available. Having Rook and J├Ąger beside her often makes the game for attackers rather hard. She can set up choke points with her bear trap, this causes anyone caught to be instantly downed and unable to move. This also creates a bait opportunity. I think I took out four people in one round just from one trap. With this in mind she also goes really well with Smoke, with a "Claw and choke" mebtallity (I just made that up, you're welcome), she can pin down enemies and Smokecan choke them with gas as they try to help their buddy up.

All in all, brilliant operatives but a map that will be hit or miss with a lot of players, but you can't complain at a free map. Operators available next week to those without the season pass at individual fees.

Overal 4/5
Operators 5/5
Map 3/5
Gameplay 4/5

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