Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rewind: Alan Wake review

Alan Wake is one of those weird games that is kind of hard to explain to anyone who has no knowledge of it at all. For slightly older people, think of Twin Peaks and you basically get the idea (the game even works in "episodes") For anyone who doesn't remember Twin Peaks, keep reading.

The title features a writer, called Alan Wake, who moves to a remote town in the middle of no where. So far it's rather exciting tone to a new location become slightly more meloncholy. As the game goes on, you start to realise that his creations are coming to life and start terrorizing the author in nightmarish rhealms. He must get through without being killed by shades of former people where light is your only friend.

Lamposts serve as safe points in many locales in the game, your torch becomes your best friend and flares are pretty much invaluable. You get weapons, like handguns, thoughout the game to help you dispatch the enemies, but ylu must take down their dark aura first, by shining light on to them. This can make the game pretty intense as you can have a few enemies on screen at once, bosses also require the same treatment, some come with puzzles having made you torch worthless against them.

The extra challenge is in Nightmare mode, where everything is alot harder, enemies take a lot more damage but you need to complete it in nightmare if you want all the collectibles, as a few only spawn in this mode.

Gameplay is pretty solid of an old 360 title.
The title hardly ever falters or stutters as some of the games released at the same time suffered, it flows quite nicely and always adds to the atmosphere created by the awesome soundtrack and art design combined.

The darkness contrasting to the light of the real (non-dream) world gives you a sense of light vs datk, good vs evil vibe that Alan Wake somehow keeps refreshing in every single nook and cranny of the town.

Remedy certainly created a cult classic, with many people begging for a sequel. We may have to wait longer, as Quantum Break is only just around the corner.

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