Sunday, 28 February 2016

Rewind: South Park The Stick of Truth review

Back when South Park's Stick of Truth came out, we were pretty excited to get iur hands on a copy. That feelong of finally having an interactive South Park episode in your hands and wondering how vulgar it would be, would soon be ruined by actually playing it. This is on no part down to the game itself, but those comedy bigots in Europe, who decided South Parks humour was too vulgar (even for an 18 rated title).

That aside, the game has strong gameplay in the form of turn based strategy. Each character has there own powers, Butters Paladin steals the show, closely followed by Cartman's epic fart power. Customisation is there as you'd find in a RPG/strategy title, the whole thing is just oozing in appreaciation for the genre. While easily and comfotably getting in jokes and characters that suit most of the TV seasons.

How was it ruined then? We hear you scream. Well, thanks to those office dwelling censors in mainland Europe, we now have the best jokes cut out from the game with a banner proclaiming "SORRY EUROPE". Being Trey Parker abd Matt Stone though, they even managed to turn this in to a joke at the expense of whoever made the terrible decision, by putting the blame back on them on every single opportunity.

What is pretty special about it, is the fact you don't neccessarily have to see the show (although it does help on occassions). Instead the game puts you in control of a character completely of your own design, allowing you to explore freely and complete which parts interest you (Al Gore's Manbearpig hunt was our favourite).

Graphics seem both newer than the series, yet familiar, which turns out to be a great thing. An update to the series animation, meant that the games graphics had to be smooth and slick. Not only that, but everyone seems to be aggressive over graphics these days.

A game that deserved better treatment than it got. There is a sequel coming from Unisoft this year, we'll be following the news.

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