Thursday, 31 March 2016

Fallout 4 Automatron Review

It's a strange piece of DLC, this Automatron. Purely as it is quite short compared to Fallout 3's DLC (3 missions in total) and it is pretty lacklustre in any real excitement.

The main source of entertainment comes from crafting and killing random robots for their parts to upgrade or build new robots. You're given a new follower in Ada, she broadcasts an radio transmission for her former master and caravan runner, who dies from an attack by steel killers.

The most fun thing is turning Codsworth from useless hunk of junk, into an remorseless killing machine (some of you have taken this into a challenge worthy of robot wars). You can easily find it annoying if you're not an armourer as alot of the bosses hit harder than anything in the base game (unless you love rocket launchers to retaliate).

Achievements are fairly simple, complete the three missions, find 10 robot upgrades and build 10 robot upgrades to net the full 100G.

With virtually no story, pretty much as boring as the base campaigns main questline, it's all down to how much you love finding materials and crafting. If you have the season pass, may as well get it. If you haven't brought the pass, it might be hard to justify buying if you're not big of crafting, but trust me, this WILL get you in to the crafting side. Even if it is only to build and evil robot army.

Overal 3/5
Storyline 1/5
Crafting options 4/5
Gameplay 4/5
Achievements 2/5

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