Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Far Cry Primal Review

There's something rather exciting about Primal that you don't really get with other Far Cry games. The element of truly having to survive using instincts. Far Cry 4 was great, but almost everything was handed down to you, Primal makes you work for upgrades, you have to hunt and gather the materials yourself. As you gain village upgrades and new members of the community, you get better drops in your reward sack at your cave or at fast travel points.

Fast travel points are earned in two ways, first by defeating enemies then lighting a giant bonfire to highlight Wenja territory or by killing enemies at a camp and taking the outpost for Wenja tribes people. You also have base camps, which work as spawn point if you die, you're not spawning miles away in this case.

You're trying to form a comeback for Wenja tribes people in the land Oros to take out the invading Udam, almost going along with Darwins survival of the fittest (almost). In this world you play the role of Takkar, everyone wants to live in his village when you become 'The Beast Master", this is the point where gameplay gets interesting. You can learn to call an owl to survey the land around you, the Owl can be upgraded to mark points of interest and even attack animal cages to release hostile wildlife in camps.

The owl can also be used to find and drop weapons to Takkar later on in the skill tree. The best part is taming animals. You can pretty much tame almost anything. From the dog like Dhole to Sabre-tooth Tigers. You can even hunt and tame three legendary animals which will make you almost unkillable. The Jaguar is our favourite so far, but we have just unlocked the perk for Badgers, Bears and Sabre-tooths so, we'll be looking in to how strong they are soon.

Survival really is down to you this time, you need to hunt down ingredients for upgrades, crafting pretty much everything from animal kills and stuff you find growing in the wild.

The sounds of the jungle can be unnerving at times but you get used to that the more you learn to hunt animals effectively. The best way to learn is to find examples of Rare White Deer by pressing down RS to activate hunter mode (works similar to Assassin's Creed's Eagle vision), rare animals leave a scent, this time will help you really learn to be stealthy as you get bonus XP in camps and bonfires by being undetected.

This works more like an RPG than any other recent Far Cry game, having to earn your upgrades and also having to figure out plans of action, especially when you first start out, make it a much more rewarding as Far Cry goes. This is evident by the map. Slightly smaller than Far Cry 4, but with much more to do, it doesn't ever feel like the map is claustrophobic.

You have random events, like defending groups of Wenja from attack. Have events such as, rescue Wenja, search and find tribesman and beast hunting for tribe safety. All adding up XP, the most interesting part are the cave delving opportunities. They're mini mazes that contain collectibles like Cave art and Dayla Hands. Collect these to get bonus rewards, but these caves can also contain danger in the form of wildlife or enemy tribes.

A very strong outing for a game that no one expected to succeed. Evidence that it is currently top of the UK charts.

Overal - 8/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Sound - 8/10
Storyline - 8/10

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