Thursday, 31 March 2016

Games that should be backwards compatible

We all have a wishlist of games that should make the jump from 360 to One and having to rely on the developers and publishers to accept Microsoft's approach of emulation is sometimes an uphill battle.

We all know the outcry for Call of Duty games to make the list, but what other gems SHOULD be there? I'm going to run through some names thrown around durings our discussions within the community.

1) Dead to Rights:Retribution (Bandai Namco): Okay, so it wasn't the best game ever on 360, nor was it brilliantly executed, but the beauty of the game came with your ability to play as your faithful canine companion and even command him in battle to aid you. The story wasn't perfect either and again it didn't matter because the solid gameplay helped it out.

2) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Lucas Arts/Disney): The best Star Wars game in modern memory, not quite reaching the cult classic level of Knights of the old Republic, but still able to keep up with the cannon and lore of the main franchise. The Force Unleashed was a great story of Vader's apprentice during the mid-ground period between the prequel and original trilogies. Boss battles were great and even better were the twists and turns of the storyline, which also brought an enjoyable protagonist to the gaming side of the franchise.

3) Left 4 Dead (Valve/Turtle Rock): "Wait a minute!" I hear you scream "Didn't Left 4 Dead 2 just make the list?" Well, yes it did, but the tragic part of this is that we won't ever get the best side of Bill's death, as the original Survivor's were a little bit more interesting from that perspective (minus Francis' moaning). Left 4 Dead was the original versus horror title and does deserve to make the jump over to the emulator.

4) Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games): If you didn't like Red Dead Redemption, there may be something wrong with you. Not that all games should be universally liked, but this is a masterpiece of a game. Set during Cowboys and Outlaws, the game centres around John Marston, a retired criminal with a farmstead, steadily pulled back in to the world he wanted to leave behind. The less said about it's DLC, Red Dead Nightmare, the better.

5) The Bureau (Take-Two a.k.a 2K): Not the game everyone was probably expecting, but the blend of tactics and action gameplay make this a great alternate version to Xcom:Enemy Unknown. A little easier to get the hang of that Xcom's main strand of games, The Bureau really does everything smoothly and even has the ability to make you care about your teammates during the war.

6) L.A Noire (Rockstar Games/Team Bondi): Ignore the diabolical ending and you have a very solid, enjoyable and addictive title. Basically it's GTA from the point of view of a Police-man Officer (as Danny from Shaun of the Dead would put it). It's not always easy to figure put what the right option is, but the facial recognition software and interrogations alone are worthy of a port to Xbox One.

7) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion/Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda/Bethesda Softworks): I've included these under one number as, lets face it, they're both brilliant under their own rights. If you haven't played either, you should demand them with the rest of us. Amazingly well told stories, with an affinity for it's lore from previous titles and even titles yet to make the series. These are the crème dela crème of RPGS.

8) WET (Bethesda/Tango Softworks): Rubi probably isn't your typical girl. Between the swearing every seventh second (much like our own SolaceConquest) or shooting people in the face. She pretty much embodies more Agent 47 than Emily Bronte. Set in a story of revenge, Rubi embarks on a kill list to get what is rightfully hers. Using techniques given to the gaming world by Rockstars Max Payne, she goes on a blood infused trial of revenge. It almost reminds you of a Tarrantino film and could even be mistaken for one of his works.

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