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PlayStation News Round-Up, March 7th - 13th

What's up, G2G:Evolved community members? Sorry for the delay of this week's news round-up. Here is a quick overview of what's happened last week in the PlayStation world.

Overwatch Release Date and Open Beta
Blizzard's multiplayer shooter soon launches, namely on May 24th. Before the start, an open beta will start on May 5th and end on May 9th. A lot of cool features are given to the players in Overwatch, such as bending time, defy physics, and unleashing powers and weapons.
The game is based on 6v6 matches and objective-based maps, reminding me a lot of Team Fortress 2. You have to protect an ancient temple in Egypt, escort an EMP device through King's Row in London, fight over the control of Lijiang Tower in China, and more. You can also switch between the 21 heroes mid-battle which can be decisive depending on the certain situation.
Right now you can pre-purchase the game at and you will get the Noire Widowmaker skin at launch as a bonus.
[Source: PS Blog EU]

Custom PS2 in Crash Bandicoot Design
A modder called Vadu Amka has decided to redesign his PS2 in one of the coolest design we can imagine. The Aku Aku mask from the Crash Bandicoot games is on the front of the console and even the controller got a nice rocky, dirty look to it. Click on the photos to see the bigger versions:
[Source: Kotaku]

Alienation Release Date and New Trailer
Finland's greatest studio, at least that I know of, Housemarque, announced the release date of their new game Alienation and published a new trailer.
April 26th is the date the aliens break out and need a little resistance on PS4. There are similarities to the zombie game Dead Nation but Alienation comes with new features and overall better perfomance. I can wait to go into battle, shoot some alien, and protect our beautiful planet. The game is available to pre-order right now with a 10% discount on the PlayStation Store.
[Source: PS Blog EU]

PlayStation Store’s Launch Party: Six Weeks, Six New Games
Let's throw a party! It's a party you will definitely love, PlayStation Store's Launch Party. Six weeks long, six games will go on a sale before their launch as pre-orders. Prices will be 10% less than the original. Following games are joining the party:
Salt and Sanctuary - PS4
Day of the Tentacle Remastered - PS4/PS Vita (Cross-Buy)
Enter the Gungeon - PS4
Stories: The Path of Destinies - PS4
Invisible, Inc. - PS4
Alienation - PS4
[Source: PS Blog US]

New Doom Multiplayer Trailer and Closed Beta
The bloody, quick action shooter is back and oh how bloody and quick it is. The multiplayer trailer of Doom impresses with quick movement, gore galore, and something new too! Demon Runes will allow the players to transform to a huge demon with super powers and crush their enemies with ease.
There is also news on a closed beta that will run from March 31st to April 3rd. Eligible to enter the beta are owners of Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS3 or PS4. You can check your eligiblity over at
[Source: PS Blog EU]

Two New Making Of/Behind the Scenes Series
Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studio have started making of series last week. You can watch the first episodes right here. I don't want to spoil too much, so here you go and enjoy.

[Source: PS Blog EU (1, 2)]

March 2016:
Catlateral Damage - PS4 (03/22/16)
Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice - PS4 (03/26/16)

April 2016:
Pang Adventures - PS4 (04/19/16)
Alienation - PS4 (04/26/16)

May 2016:
The Magic Circle: Gold Edition - PS4 (05/10/16)

Sniper Elite 4 - PS4
Everything - PS4
Furi - PS4
Worms W.M.D - PS4
Thumper - PS4, PS VR
Divide - PS4

And like every week, the PlayStation Store got updated with a lot of new entries. See the PlayStation Store Update for March 9th.

This is it for this week's news, check back next Sunday for more about PlayStation. Also, check out all our other content here on G2G:Evolved.

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