Friday, 4 March 2016

The Divisions DLC schedule is out

The Division is out next week and Ubisoft have confirmed their release schedule for the incoming DLC. You can get all the paid expansions by buying the season pass or individually as they are released, not much is said about what they entail butwe have a bit of information for you here.

They are released in June, Late summer and mid-winter. The first, called 'Underground' will be set in New York's Subway system, the second entitled 'Survival' will ask players to hold out against very hostile environments whilst gathering loot to take home with you. The third is given the title 'Last Stand' which is looking as if it will be based on towet defence modes.

The best bits are the free updates. The first will hit in April and will bring player trading to the game. 'Incursions' will also add end game missions for teams of well equipped players looking for new challenges. 'Conflict' the second free patch, will come in May and will bring with it more activities for The Dark Zone, as well as Incursion mode set in New York's Columbus Circle.

More updates will include daily and weekly assignments, Challegne modes, new Dark Zone events and even more.

Get it March 8th.

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