Saturday, 2 April 2016

Exclusives that'd still be at home on Xbox

Okay, so exclusives exist for a reason, we know this, but there are some that could make a killing on Xbox.

I mean take the marketing success of  Quantum Break, the game is looking solid and has the reviews to back it up. So, why couldn't similar games on Playstation be as good on Xbox? Of course, I'm talking about Beyond: Two Souls. Not strictly about time control, but has a brilliant (yet disjointed) story that keeps you interested. Link to that, the ability to even control how the story plays out. You have a masterpiece of a title. I admit it was no 'Heavy Rain' but it still had the emotional punch that was needed for the game to work, great acting also from Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page, which hightened the games appeal and effect on the player.

Think how well the old Playstation stable Rise of the Tomb Raider sold on Xbox One as well. You'll probably get the same reaction to another long time Playstation brand becoming multiplatform. Uncharted is Naughty Dogs best work. They have made a storyline where even those who don't seem to play for the story even invested in the characters. The gunplay and puzzles are a joy to take part in and if you've never looked it up before, you really should. A tremendous game, well worth the money, for it's single player campaigns anyway. The multiplayer has always lacked something and that added X factor seems to have found its way in to Uncharted 4 (from what we've seen in the beta footage). They have learned from The Last of Us' Multiplayer.

The Last of Us could also work, we know fans of both formats love a good survival horror and Last of Us didn't fail to deliver. The story was once again spellbinding and game play felt familiar enough to really tape it down as an front runner for game of the year, upon its release.

Honourable mentions:
God of War 3/Ascension
Heavy Rain
Ratchet & Klank.

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