Monday, 9 May 2016

DC Universe Online Review (Xbox One)

Half online MMO and half sandbox, DCU Online is almost unique. Not because it involves creating a leveling your own superhero, but because of how it works. Similar to another F2P game Neverwinter, it strikes out in a score of openworld multipart quests that leave you battling with other players in PVE just to finish it.

Indicative of an MMO, it has the usual groups and Leagues deisgned to tie you to other players and help each other out. At the same time, it's been changed to an F2P model, which means having to buy more character slots with real money if you want more than two characters or buy 'Premium Membership'. It does give you a lot of content without membership, but you may lose interest quickly if you're used to open worlds where everything is thete for you to play with.

There are solo dungeons/missions too, which gives you some respite from other players interfering with your evil works (we're playing as a villain currently) and makes parts of the game more personal. However, a game like Neverwinter, does do it much more fluidly and even in solo arenas, you can still enjoy it with your friends/group in tow.

In creation, you get a lot of costume designs, which will normally change during gameplay when you equip new gear. There are limitations here too though, without membership. You can choose a class and skill set e.g. our Villain deals with Sorcery and our Hero deals in Duel wielding with fire as a power. But each class only has two subclasses available withput paying for more. Gadgets and Socrery are the most interesting, but experimenting is how you find the right skills for your main character.

Gameplay is pretty basic, go to point A, get quest, go to point B (or more) complete quest via journal. Not really anything to break up the journey like this, odd for an MMO style game. There are events and races, but most of the interesting stuff opens up at level 30 (once you've gained infamy).

Graphics are good, but not what you'd expect from an former disc release and former pay monthly title. It sometimes forgets people are talking, talking through closed lips is something I wish I could do.

It's not a bad stab at a good online superhero game. Especially when it started out life as an AAA disc release on PS3 before jumping to F2P, when no one wanted to pay monthly for it.

Overall - 6/10
Gameplay - 7/10
Graphics - 6/10
Replayability - 7/10
Content - 7/10

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