Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Games with gold May 2016 - Costume Quest 2 Review

Costume Quest 2 is the Halloween themed RPG sequel to Costume Quest developed by Double Fine Productions and is currently free on the Xbox store through Games with Gold. The quest is to send your characters through time and space on a perilous journey to defeat an evil dentist and save Halloween. All while wearing some rather dashing costumes. Who could say no to that?

The game is set in many places ranging from small backstreet, murky swamps and bustling futuristic cities. Each setting looks hand drawn and without a doubt, beautiful.

The game starts with Wren and Reynold who are ever-fighting siblings standing amongst portals discussing the possible outcomes of taking the leap through. After some comical dialogue and a coin flip, Reynold is thrust through the portal and your adventure begins. The villain , Dr. Orel White, has recovered a talisman from the future and is using it to rid the world of Halloween and candy and eventually become lord of the world. Using the talisman unknowingly sets hordes of monsters into the world which prowl the streets. You must travel through time, gain the talisman before the evil dentist and save the world. You are aided by your friends who have also travelled through time and are now adults which certainly sets a twist in the story.

There have been a few new features added to the game. One of which is Creepy treat cards which are collectibles that can be used in combat to boost certain attributes such as attack/defence or squander enemy attacks resulting in them turning on each other. The combat system has been revamped since the original to provide a less repetitive experience. You can now add combo's and special attacks which can range from attacking the whole group of enemies or healing your own squad.

Costume quest 2 has kept the originality of the first instalment whilst improving in those areas which needed it most. Although the game is fun and witty it still has a couple of features which need improvement. The healing system for example requires you to constantly back-track after each battle to the nearest water fountain to gain life which can become tedious very quickly. And the lack of navigation aids become an issue after a few levels due to the levels becoming bigger and requiring you to travel back and forth all the time. Flaws aside, this game is my favourite games with gold release to date.

The game also has a real RPG feel as you can gain XP to level up and upgrade your stats. Levelling up also scales the enemies so the challenge remains constant throughout. The game itself is roughly 5 hours long not including the numerous side quests and collectibles. 

Overall Costume Quest 2 had been a fun and challenging journey fun for the whole family which I would gladly embark on again one day. I personally recommend this to anyone wanting to just have a little fun and tickle your ribs.

Overall 8/10

Story 8/10

Graphics 8/10

Gameplay 8/10

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