Sunday, 29 May 2016

Overwatch Review

It doesn't need a storymode for you to enjoy it, like most other online shooters and thankfully Blizzard didn't include one.

Overwatch is an addictive battle arena, where teams of 6 battle for control of maps in attack and defence style game modes. You'll find 12 maps included in the box, all of which have their own subtle nooks and crannies that each hero can exploit in their own way.

The main problem is that defenders can get way too close to the attackers starting points, barr the exception of maybe two or three maps, this means you lose about two minutes of game time as defenders just constantly dying until the attacking team make a mistake. Not all attacking teams think like this though, those are the matches you truly enjoy, as these teams lull you in to a false sense of security before turning the map in to World War 3.

Each of the heroes come with unique special abilities and ultimate powers, for example Reaper turns in to a shade and shoots everything inside a small radius dead or self destructs her mech in a crowd of the enemy.

The leveling system is annoying and takes a long time to get anywhere, even if you get 30kills and only a couple of deaths, it levels you slower than a snails journey across the artic. Each level gets you a lockbox, which unlocks new sprays, skins, emotions, play of the game conimatics etc for all the heroes. You get four per lockbox and occassionally get currency to choose your own unlocks. These unlocks range from 25 to 1000 coins. You can also buy lockboxes from the marketplace, if you fancy like wasting money on potential fancy skins.

The gameplay is rather solid and no one hero really has an upper hand on another (it's more a case of discovering how to fight each hero as you go). Heroes are split in to damage dealers, support, snipers/builders and tanks. Each are as useful to a team as the next, but in some cases they're best suited to a defensive role, such as Bastion.

It's graphics aren't anything to be blown away by, but are more sleek and pleasing than most other first person shooters of recent memory. Sound is also crisp and clean, making the combat fairly satisfying too.

Choosing a set of heroes that's right for you is crucial, as you don't want to get stuck as only playing one character and becoming an easy target. Thankfully, all the characters are pretty simple to grasp and won't take long to master. The tutorials are pretty decent and help you understand the finer points. If you're still unclear, you can have a few games against the AI.

An addictive FPS that deserves all the praise it's getting from fans and critics alike. Stronger when your team communicates, but isn't too neccessary in this particular title.

Overall - 9/10
Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - 8.5/10
Sound - 8.5/10
Replay value - 9/10

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