Tuesday, 10 May 2016

WWE 2k16: How to improve MyCareer

It was a very strong outing for WWE 2K16 after the dreadful 2K15 in which it was almost just complicated enough to outdo Dark Souls for difficulty.

Within 2K16, however, was MyCareer, a mode going back to the early WWF titles. It's very simplistic though. Basic customisation for your character and very basic calender mechanics. You start in NXT and you can stay for as long as you like, even after becoming champion. If you want to enhance your rating and skills abit before jumping in.

Then you join a random title push and take on the main roster for any of the other belts. You're able to move freely until you start moving up the ladder of a belt by creating rivalries.

I do think that you need a more organic feel though, much like the old 'Shut your mouth' and 'Know your rules' career modes. Foowing an show week on week. What could be better than bringing in social media side. Picking on other stars outside of the ring as well, adding a deeper inmersion.

Also, being able to see the other titles change hands at the same time as you chasing yours would be great and including the ability to fight backstage or even have slightly more options in creation. The most bizzare is the tag team division. You can join it and then your team will always enter seperately. Why can't you change the name or the entrance itself?

I think you could have random bonuses too. Eg gaining a random level in say strength if you're able to counter a certain amount of times in a match. Even bizare goings on in the ring within some more types of cinematics, include appearances on Ambrose Asylum or just more diverse ways of gaining personality traits without having to suffer the same interviews over and over.

More immersion would be great, but the template is there for an incredible Career mode. Hope 2K and Yukes go somewhere with it.

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