Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dead Island Definitive Collection Review

Okay so let me start by saying I am a huge fan of the original Dead Island which was released back in 2011. I just couldn't get enough of the zombie slashing gore fest which had bestowed my screen and it boosted my already fanatical love of zombies. I spent a good 40+ hours strolling Banoi smashing heads and crafting weapons worthy of Gods. As an avid RPG player, all my dreams had been answered.

There was also the squeal. Riptide. Quiet a disappointment considering all the fun I had playing the first. Riptide could quiet have easily been a huge DLC add on instead of a standalone title. It bore repetitive game-play while bringing absolutely nothing new too the table, except speedboats. But none the less it was fun in its own perky way. In the new Definitive edition there was also a little arcade gem chucked into the mix. Dead island Retro Revenge. This was a disaster in my opinion. It barely scrapes the chance of becoming a popular mobile game let alone a console title. But nonetheless all three were bagged for a low £23 so all in all, cant complain.

The games are exactly the same as the originals but even more beautiful. Techland have done a fantastic job improving the visuals by adapting the Dying Light style graphics onto dead island. These include a more clean, fluent game-play, new lighting effects creating rays of sunlight and focus blurring adding to the realism. Oddly though, the characters fingers are still unable to move? The games cut-scenes do have a fair share of glitch moments with some characters flying across the screen and the occasional delay in movement. And you will also spot the odd limb dancing around the screen after its been hacked from a socket.

The player chooses from the four main characters. These characters have their own special abilities whether they be firearms expert, blade expert or blunt weapon expert. There is a throwing expert but that's a rather pointless ability for this game. The aim is to escape the hotel, link up with survivors and survive each day while attempting to get of the godforsaken paradise that is Banoi. You can choose to stroll through the main quest or tackle the many different side quests which lead to rewards, additional XP and other spin-off story moments. The game is played in the much loved first person perspective allowing you to thoroughly enjoy the hack and slash moments with your beautifully crafted weapons.

There are huge amounts of weapons to choose from. You could use basic attacks such as punching and kicking or opt for a barbed, electrocuted mace capable of crushing skulls with a single swing. There are also guns available but these seem rather anti-climatic as you attain these half way through the game and they do barely any damage and are no where near as fun as crafted weapons. The crafting system requires you to gather materials from around the island. These can be found in lockers, chests and looting bodies. Looting is a key action in the game. You will find many useful items including money and weapons which will aid you in your quests. You are also required to repair said items using cash and a workbench which can be found
dotted around the map. You can heal using a traditional medipack or find a snack or cola to heal yourself.

As this game is a RPG it involves gaining XP to level up and attain skill points which can be spent on abilities. XP is fairly easy to attain. You gain minimal amounts for killing zombies but gain mass amounts for completing tasks and killing special zombies. The different abilities include rage mode, lock picking and increased health. All are extremely useful so spend wisely!

All in all the facelift is beautiful and its just another excuse to spend a good 30+ hours on both titles (exluding the arcade title) reliving the zombie massacre fun we all once had. Then again, the game would be much more enjoyable to new players. I personally found it extremely fun to play through again but I have heard mixed reviews from friends who believe its just a repeated failure. Its up to you to decide.

Overall 9/10

Story 7/10

Graphics 9/10

Gameplay 9/10

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