Thursday, 9 June 2016

Free-to-play PS4 strategy game Guns Up! lines up brand new features

Introducing new Sergeant and Colonel Hero Units
Guns Up! is constantly providing additional content and features, from new units and Command Cards to battle replays and AI improvements. It’s all part of our efforts to both keep the game fresh for our veteran players and to give our new recruits something to look forward to.
Some of the new content that we will be introducing into GU! now includes the Sergeant and Colonel Heroes. Both of these units will bring some new tactics to the battlefield and provide some much needed “Leadership” for your existing units.

Along with the new Units, we’re also introducing new Medals and Command Cards for you to collect and complete to buff up your troops and base. For our really active players, we have our Endless Missions feature coming very soon so there are always daily missions available, no matter how long you’ve been playing.
We’ve already delivered a bunch of new stuff since our last blog post here a couple months ago, such as our new Replays, New Trophies (for all your trophy hunters out there), and AI improvements. We still have a bunch more in the future plans like Alliances, Vehicles, more Units, Base Resets, and lots more to come, so please keep checking in!

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