Tuesday, 5 July 2016

DOOM 2016 - Multiplayer

Release Date: May 12, 2016

Systems: PC, PS4, XBoxOne

Number of Players: 2-16

Steam Review: Very Positive

The new DOOM has been out for a couple of months now, and with all the multiplayer hype surrounding other games, it deserved a look. I have been playing the DOOM multiplayer for about a week, and I have been enjoying myself immensely. With fast paced game play, multiple game modes, and interesting map features and mechanics, this game has the potential to be entertaining and competitive for quite a while.

            A loadout is a set of two weapons and a grenade option that players start with at spawn. New players start with three hardwired loadout options, and can unlock customizable loadouts as they level up. Standard weapons are not available for pickup on the map, so access to weapons must also be unlocked as the player gains experience. Fortunately, this doesn’t take long at all. Most players will have all guns and grenade options unlocked within the first couple of gameplay sessions. Loadouts can be switched out between spawns.
This feature has plenty of both pros and cons. Some positives include the ability to start off with your favorite weapons and not having to rely on the map for obtaining weapons. This feature has also been criticized, however, for departing from more traditional arena match type shooters. It introduces an inequality into the matches; players starting with different loadouts are not starting on equal footing.

Power Weapons and Power Ups
            Several different power weapons and power ups can be found scattered through each map. Power weapons include the chainsaw (incredibly fun to use), the rail gun, and, of course, the iconic BFG (big f***ing gun). Player power ups include invisibility (you are very invisible), haste, regeneration, and quad damage. Quad damage has been lifted right out of Quake, with the players’ weapons turning the familiar purple while the power up is in effect. Both power weapons and power ups spawn on a timer, and a different power up may spawn each time.

Demon Runes
            Demon runes are power ups that allow the player to play as one of four demon types. Players start out with access to the Revenant demon form, and can unlock access to the Baron, Mancubus, and Prowlers. Demons have both health and a possession timer, and either the player will revert back to their normal form or die when one or the other runs out. Each demon has its own special attacks that it can perform, and obtaining the demon rune usually signals the start of a rampage. The map voice announces as demon runes are about to spawn, and each player is shown its location on their HUD. It’s always a race to see which team and which player will get there first; only one demon possession is active at any time.

Game Modes
            There are six different game types in the multiplayer playlist.
            Team Deathmatch – Two teams of up to six people shoot it out to get the most kills.
            Soul Harvest – Two teams of up to people shoot it out to kill their enemies and harvest their souls. Demons have a special role in this game type in that they have no possession timer.
            Domination – Two teams struggle for control of three zones. Points are gained while a team controls a zone.
            Warpath – Two teams fight over a single moving zone.
            Freeze Tag – Instead of dying, players are frozen in place. Game ends when all of the enemies players are frozen.
            Clan arena – No respawns!


            Each player starts at level one, and can gain experience through completing different challenges in game. Levels go from 1 – 50; once the player reaches level 50, levels are reset and the player moves on to the next echelon (so prestigious ;-) ). There are ten echelons total for now.

Team Deathmatch Gameplay


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