Thursday, 7 July 2016

Lost Sea Review

Lost Sea is a colourful, addictive RPG brought to us by EastAsiaSoft. This title is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game starts with your character crash landing on a island due to bad weather. You quickly scavenge the area with a helpful tutorial where you learn you are in the infamous Bermuda triangle and you are one of many survivors who have also been stranded here. The aim of the game is to form a team of survivors, battle through the many islands while upgrading yourself and your ship to eventually escape the hellhole that is the Bermuda Triangle.

The islands themselves are very catchy to the eye with vivid colours and small yet effective detailing to make this a very appealing setting. The background music is also very fitting to the scene and creates an unforgettable experience making you wish you were sat on an island somewhere enjoying the peace and quiet with a margarita, minus the air crash of course. As you progress to different islands the scenery starts to change slightly to try and relieve some of the repetitiveness. The enemies appearance also adapts to the style of island that you are currently on.

You have the choice of 8 different characters. All of which have no special attributes so its all down to personal preference of appearance. You also have the ability to gain other survivors as followers. These are a key part of the game as they have abilities which your main character cannot obtain. These include lock picking, carpentry and revive. Lock picking allows you to open chests which will contain an item such as a med kit or a bomb. Carpentry allows you to repair bridges so you can get access to hidden areas which more than likely contain better followers and/or a magic healing tree which increases your health. Reviving well, revives your character. which is something that you will be eternally grateful for and can only be used the once. Since Lost sea has a permadeath style to it, you need to be able to stay alive as long as you can. Permadeath means if you die then that's it. Game over. Finito. All that hard work and effort gone like dust in the wind. And there is also no save option so long periods of game play is recommended. But if you die, each tablet you find during that play through is converted to EXP and Gold. 50 gold and 100 EXP per tablet to be used in your next play through.

You gain EXP from killing enemies which you can then use at one of the upgrade tables which are found on each islands docks to buy upgrades such as sprinting and dodging which, believe me, is absolutely essential. Coins can be found by destroying barrels and crates around the islands which are used to upgrade your ship with things such as a telescope so you can see which islands have the most tablets and survivors before going to them.

Tablets are treasure items scattered on the many island which are key to you progressing. Without tablets you cannot move onto other islands. You do not have to get every tablet on every island as the more tablets you obtain on one island allows you to skip islands to reach the area boss quicker. The difficulty of each island is judged by a skull under each selection so pick wisely as it could well be your last island! Once you reach the end of the current line of island you battle the boss for this section. The bosses abilities are easy to judge and can easily be avoided so take your time and you should breeze through them no problem.

In conclusion Lost Sea is a lot of fun but can be infuriating when a small mistake leads to you dying and restarting from the beginning. It requires a lot of patience! The gameplay itself can be repetitive so expect to get a maximum of 15-20 hours gameplay before getting bored. Lost Sea is a great way to waste time if its raining outside and every other game you own is updating.But none-the-less its fun and charming in its own way and i would recommend it to my friends.

Overall - 6/10

Story - 5/10

Graphics - 7/10

Gameplay - 6/10

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