Saturday, 16 July 2016

Return to the Wild West (Red Dead Redemption)

Imagine the sun going down the faint orange glow off in the distance as the day coming to a end in the desert, a mixture of silhouettes and stars, subtle tones of a harmonica and a strumming guitar.  A gun fight is about to break out.

Riding With The Marshall & Sheriffs
 Here i am at fort mercer im all tense hiding in cover while bullets fly by my i can hear richochets of bullets and gun shots like im in a old western movie somewhere down in texas or mexico with a character who slightly reminds me of a slightly softer clint eastwood,  Red Dead Redemption was released over 6 years ago back in may of 2010.  Here it is in 2016 with the old generation of consoles slowly being pushed to the back burner, but older titles becoming more and more popular as time goes on it seems,

The Wild West
Back when Red Dead came out I was excited for it as it was a new Rockstar release, and having been a long time fan of their games i was eager and ready to head out into the unknown open desert. The game launched on xbox 360 and playstation, but to me it wasnt on par with the grand theft auto series.  Now with its re release on Xbox one with backward compatibility, i cant seem to stop playing this game.  The open world is beautiful, you can tell its still a last gen game, but once you settle into it and the immersion sets in the minor graphical downgrades become forgettable with the sound design, the character animations, the environment seems to be livlier then ever. The open world and great sound design has captured the essence of old spaghetti westerns that drew me into the wild west.With a great single player experiece and an interesting cast of characters its worth the visit to the past.

Vultures are Looming
 If youve beaten the story and are just looking for some good fun with some friends, jump into the multiplayer, with the option of private and public matches there is quite a bit of fun to have. PVP  matches in towns spread out across the open world Forts and ranches for the taking allowing co op fun if PVP isnt your style and there are also 4 player co op missions that require some amount of group effort.

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