Friday, 16 December 2016

Backwards compatibility, Games with Gold and more Xbox news!

December. The best month of the year in my opinion. Christmas and new years plus all the acceptable excuses for eating too much food and gaining a few pounds. Not to mention we get a few days off work and spending quality time with friends and family. But what does this have to do with gaming? well, December is the one month of the year where the top bosses at Xbox HQ's decide they want to be extra generous and my god they went all out this year. We have 6 extra backwards compatible titles, a free game just because and of course this months second half to the Games with Gold bonus.

Starting with the 6 backwards compatible titles, we have one of my all time favorite games joining the fast growing library and that game is none other than Rockstar's Bully. If, like me, you own a Xbox 360 digital copy if the game then you will find it in your 'ready to install folder'. If you have a disc, then simply pop it in and start Bullying!
The other titles are Skydive, planets under attack, CLANNAD (Japan only), Catherine and Raskulls. All these titles are also now available to purchase through the Xbox one store.

Xbox's backwards library surpassed the 300 mark and to celebrate they are letting Xbox one users download Lost Odyssey for FREE for a limited time! How nice of them! Lost Odyssey is a Japanese RPG which once spanned 4 discs on the 360 edition but now boasts a nice 22GB download. Rather large for a 360 title! Grab this while you can.

The second half to this months Games with Gold has 2 great titles. One Xbox one title and a 360 title. Outlast is the Xbox one title which is a survival horror game which focuses on stealth and running away as opposed to head on attacking which for me is a style of game i'm not really used to. I played it for a few hours earlier and so far i'm thoroughly enjoying it and am very intrigued to know what is happening with the story. As for the 360 title, Burnout Paradise once again grips our attention and lets us race and explode some cars along busy highways and overall cause some destructive mayhem. who doesn't love a bit of destructive mayhem ey?

December really has been a great month for Xbox gamers especially with the release of the highly anticipated Dead Rising 4 which is utterly insane and crazy fun. Be sure to read my review on it!

Happy holidays everyone hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year :)

Luke Pepin      Xbox GT - Oh Cushions

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