Friday, 9 December 2016

Dead Rising 4 Review

Let me start by asking the most important question most relevant to this review… will anyone ever get bored of zombies? I mean, they are simple and un challenging yet we all still seem to crave a taste of zombie bashing and the hunger ridden bites from these poor undead souls. So when I first read about Capcom’s Dead Rising 4, i nearly bit my girlfriend purely out of excitement! (or the Zombrex is waring off). Nonetheless it was coming and my god did Christmas come early!

Released on December 6th, Dead Rising quickly became one of my favorite games of the year. The humorous one liners from Frank West and the utterly insane weapon combo’s I was building really set the tone for the rest of the game. Or did I speak to soon?

The game starts with you, Frank West, sat in the passenger seat of your friend’s car who is somewhat of a charming young reporter who decides to take you on a mission to investigate a secret base located in a missile silo. As Frank is quick to object, his pal Vick is quick to convince him otherwise. Long story short you find zombies which are being experimented on, Vick has a conscious and blows your cover and you both get separated. Couple months later you are wanted for the assault at the silo and are head hunted by Brad, a big boss for the ZBD who wants your help infiltrating Willamette which, once again, becomes the location of a zombie outbreak. Thus, your story begins.

Unlike Dead Rising 3, you now have your trusted camera back with some added features. These features include a night vision mode, another mode to help tag keypads using found fingerprints and the selfie mode which, believe it or not, adds stupid amounts of giggles and validity to the game. Taking pictures of various things including massacres and interesting scenes will gain you mass amounts of PP which is basically XP.

Weapons must be the best thing about Dead Rising. I mean, where else can you have a laser sword, ice grenades and a firework shooting crossbow in your inventory? Weapons are created using blueprints which can be found scattered around the world. The higher lever you get and skills you buy, the more weapons you can equip. You can also find vehicle blueprints which allow you to combine 2 vehicles to create rolling death fortresses. All in good taste.

Skill points are earned by gaining PP. I must say leveling up is ridiculously easy. I’m already level 63 from about 16 hours’ gameplay. There are 4 skill trees which are Brawling, Shooting, Fortitude and Survival. Nothing special about the skill points or leveling up system in this game, pretty linear.

There are of course collectibles to be found! Newspapers, cell phones, creepy zombie graffiti and more which all help unlock more PP and snippets of story that make the game a little bit more on depth and entertaining.
Oh, I nearly forgot to mention about the Exo-Suits. Hated them. What’s the point? Exo-suits seem to be making a habit or ruining games recently and this is no exception. Rare to find, runs out quickly and boring to use. Much preferred my combo weapons
As the game was released just under 3 weeks prior to Christmas and set on Black Friday, there is a heavy Christmas element to the game. The dazzling Christmas decorations and Santa inspired weapons plus the non-stop Christmas tunes all help you get into the festive mood! Not sure how fun it would be during the summer months though.

My personal thoughts? The game started out as a massive 100/10 but slowly, unfortunately, degraded as I came to realize the game was just a touched-up copy of dead rising 3 with a poor, unbelievable story line and a less than exciting final boss battle. Couldn’t believe it when the credits started rolling the day after release! I am also an achievement hunter myself and for some reason, achievements stopped tracking after the 3rd case which left me about 400GS short! As I started another playthrough, they started tracking again so will just have to play another run, but can I be bothered to do so just yet?

All in all, its very fun to play and looks incredible but the story is disappointing.

Overall   7.5/10

Story   6/10

Graphics   8/10

Gameplay   7.5/10

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  1. I felt this game wasn't worth the 60$ only through watching someone else play it. Graphics on Dead Rising 3 looked better to me and the game play on DR3 seemed better as well. Since I haven't played it, it could change when I finally do. I'll wait until the price drops though.


  2. The only thing I'd prefer, is if I could drive any vehicle like DR3. The rest of it is actually really fun. The multiplayer is a lot better this time too.