Monday, 5 December 2016

Watch dogs 2: Better or worse?

Watch_Dogs, a game almost universally slammed by gamers and critics alike. The core gameplay, although limited, wasn't the problem. The problem was the dreary backdrop for rain soaked streets matched with a protagonist with a personality of a shoe.

Aiden Pearce is probably one of my least favourite Ubisoft characters out there. He had moments where he seemed to be getting better and then we were kicked back down in to our seats and told it would only het worse. Thankfully Watch_Dogs 2's Marcus is a totally different story.

Arrogant, comical and often likeable, Marcus wins you over that the Ubisoft curse of bad character designs after Ezio Auditore has come to an end. First we had the Frye Twins in Assassin's Creed Syndicate and now Marcus in the latest open world hacking romp.

The city itself is alot more vibrant too, San Francisco offers more to do, both small and big. Whether it is taking a selfie with landmarks, or that guy you just beat up for no reason to online co-op. The co-op is what the original Watch_Dogs was missing, this takes on the role of hacker warefare. Operations against Dedsec's hacking rivals.

For the first week this was a part of the game world you could but not touch. Now it's online, it was worth the wait. Hacking invasions are still alive and kicking if you want a bit of the oldschool Watch_Dogs multiplayer, but it's getting a group of frinds together to do co-op that makes it really enjoyable.

The missions are a little different and side missions are exactly that, side missions, rather than the originals running errands for random people, you get to try out new gadgets and programmes available from other members of the hacking space. The earliest one being a hack that works with ATMs. This side quest can be either nice and donate money to the person (if you like them) or you can delete all the funds from their account.

The people in San Francisco are a lot more vibrant than Chicago too. They frequently try to photobomb you during selfies and animals react to you. The hacking os more interesting with them too, you can electrocute them with their own phone now. Song sneak is a lot different too, you now have to use it while the song is playing, rather than just steal it off some random NPCs phone.

All in all, the whole world of Watch_Dogs 2 is 100% better than the one before. Ubisoft once again lroving that their sequels are always an improvement. Unless it's Assassin's Creed Unity.

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